By Jessica Sepel

I’m seeing more and more people who want to make healthy, positive changes in their lives but are struggling to find the time. I get you! Our lives can feel busy, overwhelming and hectic at times. Sometimes our health is the first thing that goes out the window when your plate is full of other commitments and responsibilities!

Trust me when I say, it’s possible to still live a healthy life when you are at your busiest. Here are my top tips to help – my non-negotiables that I come back to time and time again – to stay on track with my health.

1. Commit to 1 hour of healthy prep on the weekend. Stock your fridge and pantry with healthy food. My online program and book contain my shopping list you can use. This really sets you up for a healthy week. You come home and you have the food ready to go to make dinner – as quick and easy as can be! I also like to have my vegetables cut up and ready to go as pre-prepared snacks. Sugar-Free Protein Balls I also love making a batch of my for snacks during the week.

2. Make breakfast your non-negotiable. Skipping breakfast can lead to a slower metabolism and sugar cravings later in the day, making it difficult for you to stay focused at work. Try a high protein breakfast to keep blood sugar levels balanced like my Protein Power Smoothie or prepare breakfast the night before (Bircher Muesli is a great option).

3. One word: leftovers. They are lifesavers! Cook once and eat twice – make extra for dinner and save it for lunch the next day.

4. Focus on a healthy night-time routine. Enjoy a delicious night-time routine at the end of your day. Make sure you switch off from technology at least two hours before you go to bed – this allows your mind and body to relax before sleep.

5. Commit to the JSHealth Stress-Free Zone. Everyday for 10-20 minutes. Schedule it in like a meeting.

6. More rest. Use your weekends to rest. Say no to social arrangements when you need to. Your friends will understand. Use this time to focus on you – take a walk in nature, do a yoga class or prep some healthy food for the week. This feels so good and sets you up for a settled week ahead!

7. Coffee – we need to talk about it. I know the temptation is there at busy times to increase your caffeine intake – but a caffeine overload can have the opposite effect and set you up for mood swings throughout the day. Limit your coffee to 1x a day, before 10am if possible. Replace with herbal teas or dandelion tea (can be found in health shops).

8. Avoid alcohol during the week and enjoy moderately on the weekends.

9. Consider a magnesium supplement under the guidance of a health practitioner. This assists with stress, constipation, muscle relaxation, sugar cravings and energy.

10. Avoid over-exercising. It just places your body under more stress. Healthy living is not about doing everything perfectly, or exercising intensely every day – it’s about balance and moderation. Enjoy 2 rest or yoga days a week.

11. Be kinder to yourself: The all or nothing approach does not work. You need to relax with yourself. If you don’t eat perfectly – forgive yourself and commit to eating well at the next meal. Don’t throw the towel in and say “I blew it” – the body listens to what you do most of the time, not sometimes.