Top 5 Things to Do in Santorini

Planning a Santorini escape with your partner? You are certainly one of the lucky ones! Of course, you know that you will be visiting one of the (if not THE) most romantic and spellbinding places on Earth, with a volcanic sand coastline, adorable whitewashed architecture, and captivating sunsets. Indeed, the utterly diverse Greek island is a superb destination for couples, whether looking to infuse some romance or spike their adrenaline with mind-blowing adventures featuring amazing experiences, stunning seascapes, ultimate luxury and pampering, great nightlife, and unique landscapes. In any case, here are the top 5 things you definitely must try in Santorini for indelible moments. 


1. Take a Volcano & Sunset Cruise 

The highlight of every trip to the Queen of the Cyclades (and perhaps the single finest thing to do) is a sunset cruise. As you sail the calm waters of the crystalline Mediterranean Sea, you’ll instantly feel drawn by the hypnotizing allure of the island with the unique morphology and volcanic terrain. The imposing Caldera with its rugged cliffs and milky-white, sugar-cube houses adorning its rim is a spectacle on its own for sure. And, as you turn your eyes, gazing at the horizon, expect to be showered with myriads of colors as the sun slips behind the glistering archipelago. Heart-stopping!

2. Opt for a Wine Tasting Adventure 

Santorini is famous for its internationally acclaimed wines (especially its white Assyrtiko wine) the cultivation of which dates back to the 1500 BC. In fact, the island is home to more than 15 wineries, with most of them being second or third generation winemakers. What makes the local wines so unique is the rare grape varietals found here, which grow in volcanic soils which give the grapes a distinct taste, color, and aroma while protecting them from the most common grape-infesting disease. Most organized winemaking and wine tasting tours offer impressive views of the Aegean Sea and the countryside along with delicious treats and local dishes or snacks. 


3. Wander the Cobbled Streets of Fira, Imerovigli & Oia 

Both the island’s capital, Fira, and its largest villages, Imerovigli and Oia, are the most popular and touristy sites that get crowded every afternoon. Besides superb sunset views, though, they can steal your heart with their Cycladic architecture and the stopped-in-time ambiance. Overlooking the volcano and the shimmering sea, they amaze with their blue-domed chapels, Greek Orthodox monasteries, chalky homes, art galleries, shops, bars, restaurants, and a lovely maze of cobblestone alleys. Exuding Greek magnificence, they make depicting their splendor in a photograph a challenge. No wonder these picture-perfect locations are home to world-class 5-star Santorini hotels that pamper their guests with a supreme array of elite services and top tier accommodation! 


4. Visit Eros Beach

This is one of the best well kept secrets of Santorini with a fantastic and incredibly laid-back, chilled, and romantic vibe (also beach bar located at the edge of a stunning white rock). Feel free to dive into the crystalline, azure waters, explore the beach on horseback, and enjoy the seclusion, privacy, and tranquillity of this shore, away from the tourist masses and the madness of other spots. Eros Beach is also one of the most popular wedding locations for its idyllic views and scenery. 

Tip: Other shores also worth your time that will reward you with beautiful vistas, transparent waters, volcanic sand, and pristine beach experiences are the infamous Red Beach, White Beach, and the black-sand beaches of Perissa and Perivolos. Lined with plenty of tourist facilities, including restaurants, tavernas, cafes, and beach bars, they also provide water sports and sea activities, such as diving and jet skiing. 

5. Drive to Ancient Akrotiri Settlement 

Santorini was once a thriving island, inhabited by an extremely sophisticated ancient Greek civilization. Everything changed overnight, though, when the volcano erupted in the most cataclysmic way in the 16th century BC, wiping nearly everything off the face of the Greek island. However, the catastrophic blast and the very volcanic ash that covered the land, forcing the inhabitants to look for their next home elsewhere and changing the climate of the planet, is the reason why archaeologists have unearthed well-preserved multi-story houses with facilities like underfloor heating, fab mosaic floors, adorable facades, and indoor baths – all things that one could not even imagine having in a home back in the day! Even if you are not into history, though, you should undeniably visit this prehistoric site for its staggering seascapes! 

Although this list of things you can do in Santorini for couples is merely exhaustive, it shows the plethora of your options. Chances are you will be discovering many more opportunities to share memorable experiences with your loved one, the more you surrender to the powerful Santorini magnetism and appeal. The great thing about this entire venture? Things as simple as soaking up some warm rays at the balcony of your elegant suite or private villa feel like being on top of the world!