Do you like experimenting with your looks? How about kicking things up a notch with the rugged simplicity of country-inspired clothing? Sure enough, taking on the full country lifestyle might be a bit of a stretch, but there’s certainly nothing stopping you from trying out comfortable western wear to add some edge to your fashion sense.

With that said, plenty of brands have launched their country-based clothing lines throughout the years, with each one trying to outdo the other when it comes to western detailing. One such trailblazer is the Thomas Cook clothing line, which has certainly made its mark in the country-inspired fashion world in recent years.

Why Is Thomas Cook Clothing Popular?

Thomas Cook is arguably one of the most iconic Australia-based western brands out there. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of simplicity, functionality and comfort, then you’ll definitely find all that and more in their extensive country clothing line.

Although some of their pieces are specifically designed for equestrian purposes, there’s no shortage of options for casual riders and outback explorers. Even if you have to do something as simple as running errands downtown, you’ll surely come across something that matches your taste while browsing through the range of Thomas Cook clothing online.

Most of the items are divided into several categories. For horseback riders, the clothes are sectioned off according to the overall skill level and technique whereas the pieces that are intended for general use can be tailored in accordance with your budget. Evidently, there’s something in it for everyone, regardless of your preferences or how you intend to wear them.

How Do You Dress in Thomas Cook Western Clothing?

Thomas Cook clothes have managed to stay true to their western roots, incorporating some of the classic pieces with a few modern twists to create stylish pieces that are hard to resist. Feel free to mix and match different clothing items until you find combinations that match your style.

Plaid Shirt

This is perhaps the signature item in every western-inspired look. Plaid shirts have slowly but surely overtaken the fashion world with their charming designs and colourful patterns. These days, it’s quite common to see people wearing flannels as they go about their daily business.

One thing that makes plaid shirts stand out is their versatility. They work well with literally all fashion styles, which is why they’ve become a staple of modern streetwear across the globe.

If you’re not exactly a fan of the patterned design, you’ll definitely be more appreciative of the monochromatic styles, which are just as fashionable as their colourful counterparts. Plus, wearing single-coloured shirts gives you more room to experiment with the other items that make up your outfit by adding textures or patterns that complement the colour scheme.

Thicker plaids are a great way to keep warm in chilly weather whereas the short-sleeved models are light enough to help prevent sweating or any kind of discomfort caused by summer heat. Evidently, it’s an all-around perfect clothing piece that can be worn throughout the entire year.


Lightly-padded vests offer protection against the elements without being too puffy or limiting your mobility. Their 100% Nylon shell is completely water and wind-resistant, keeping your core warm and cosy while you go about your daily tasks.

These vests usually come with a storm flap which prevents water from slipping down the sides and running down your shoulders. They also have angled handwarmer pockets made of polar fleece, which may come in handy (pun intended) when the weather gets a bit too cold for your liking.

Polo Shirt

If you don’t want to go with a basic T-shirt, why not try out something new instead? Throughout the years, polo shirts were long associated with the higher class of society, which is why they inherently feel stylish and more luxurious than all the other items of western wear.

As you look through the Thomas Cook clothing online, you’ll notice a wide range of polo shirts to choose from. Some of them come with simple designs whereas others are more playful in terms of colours and patterns. Either way, both of those styles come with collars, which inevitably add a sense of sophistication and elegance in an otherwise rugged environment. It feels like a breath of fresh air, you know?

Denim Jeans

Ah yes, denim. Nothing screams western clothing in the way that denim does. These kinds of jeans have become such a vital part of our everyday wardrobe that we don’t even bother to give them a second thought.

There’s virtually no limit to how you can combine your western jeans with the rest of your outfit. Need to go to the grocery store? Great, just put on your favourite pair of jeans and you’re all set. How about going to a get-together with friends? No worries, your jeans are nearby. Want to explore the countryside? You can already guess where this is going.

The most important thing to remember here is to get a pair of jeans that are comfortable to wear. As unfortunate as it is, we’ve all fallen victim to buying jeans that are too tight or become too uncomfortable after a while, simply because they were easy on the eyes. Bottom line is, always choose comfort over style. And thankfully, Thomas Cook clothing definitely delivers in that department.


Last but not least, Thomas Cook boots are well-known for their quality and durability. The materials are quite breathable and long-lasting, both of which are admirable characteristics. This means your feet likely won’t start to feel soggy after you’ve worn them for a while and the exterior of the boots won’t wear out that easily.

And finally, their minimalist design will hardly ever go out of style so you can enjoy your Thomas Cook boots for many years to come. This is particularly convenient because, well, who likes shopping for new boots constantly anyway? It’s a real hassle and may put a strain on your budget if it happens way too often.