Preparing your horse for winter means making sure they are warm and cosy, no matter the weather. With a range of turnout and stable rugs available, you can keep your horse happy and healthy in wind, snow, and sleet. With winter often comes picturesque scenes that you can use to your advantage. Whether you’re using the top photography equipment or your phone, taking stunning photos of your horse in winter can be easy and effective. Here are a few ways that you can enhance your winter equestrian photos


If you’re looking to capture the perfect photo of your horse this winter, there are a few things that you should consider – choosing the perfect background is key. If it has been snowing, choosing a background that shows this off and displays your snowy surroundings perfectly will look stunning. You could capture your horse in a field with a focus on rolling, snow-covered hills or take an action shot of your horse running through the snow for added effect. Early morning frost can look great in photos, why not take your camera out into the field when turning your horse out on a frosty morning and capture the combination of the sun and frost making the field glitter?


Sometimes it can be hard to take photos outside in winter if the weather is particularly dull and dark. But if you choose a day with bright winter sunshine, you can use this to your advantage, and it can be a great tool to help you enhance your equestrian photos. The best time to take photos is generally just as the sun is coming up or setting so that the lighting is softer, and you can avoid harsh shadows. You could try shots with the light behind your horse too, to create something a little more artistic. If possible, you should avoid midday photos when the sun is low, bright, and directly overhead. 


Making sure you get the angle correct when taking equestrian photos is essential. If your horse is the focus of your photo, you should make sure that you aren’t standing too close to the front of its body, as this will give an illusion of your horse’s head being larger than it is! You should try standing in line with your horse’s body, and if the photo you’re taking is of a smaller horse, crouching down can make sure that the horse’s legs look more in proportion. 


Another way to enhance photos of your horse is to get their ears to point forward, showing that they are alert. This is seen as a horse’s way of smiling for the camera. You can do this by getting your horse’s attention as you’re about to take the photo – you could play neighing sounds or shake their favourite treats around. Don’t forget to reward them afterward! 


Taking photos in winter allows for some stunning effects, but safety is important too. Making sure that your horse is equipped to be out in the cold and that you have checked out your surroundings for anything that could be dangerous to you, or your horse is essential.