Styles That Never Go Out Of Style

Winter is slowly creeping upon us again, and most of us are ready to embrace the change in weather with open arms. Most people dread the bitter winter cold but also look forward to the versatility in dressing that winter brings with it. It’s considerably easier to look your best in winter compared to summer. Layering, working with darker colors, opting for techwear for women, and generally having more options at your disposal is what makes winter fashion something to look forward to. However, with so many options, it’s hard to pick just one.

This article will help you with just that and give you some classic winter looks that never go out of style. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a hurry and don’t know what to wear, throw on any one of these styles and watch how the heads turn. Here are 5 classic winter staples that won’t let you down. 

The Letterman Jacket

Letterman jackets are somewhat synonymous with high school/college. These jackets are just there to keep you warm, but they can make for some of the finest winter looks. Pair them with jeans or your favorite skirt, and you have a classic look that will never fail you. No one on earth could criticize your look if you go with a classic letterman.

Finding good quality jackets, however, can be somewhat of a challenge. It’s important to get a visually appealing piece that will last for a while as well. If you don’t know where else to look, consider visiting They offer some of the best jackets you will find to pull off that classic look without breaking the bank. 

The Overcoat 

Although these coats are often used in similar intent, these two are different winter clothing. It’s a plus to be more familiar with trench coat vs overcoat so that you’ll be able to choose the best option to wear.

Trench coats and overcoats are a must for any winter wardrobe. If you work in a semi-formal business place, you may benefit immensely from a long trench coat over your regular outfit. You set an unspoken impression by the way you dress. Nothing radiates class and style more than an overcoat with a refined work outfit underneath. For the cold/wet winter mornings where you simply don’t want to go to work, an overcoat and your favorite cup of morning coffee make things considerably more manageable. 


Whether you call them beanies or woolen hats is irrelevant. The fact remains that they are some of the best accessories to bring in the winter season. The once classic grunge look has been adapted to fit modern styles and is available to just about anyone. 

Not only are they a great fashion accessory, but they are a great way to keep your head and ears warm. A wind chill can give you a serious earache, one which can last hours. It doesn’t stop there; the more exposed you are, the more likely you are to fall victim to serious headaches and the seasonal flu. These soft hats keep your head warm and protect your ears from the strong winter breeze. 

Turtlenecks Under Your Jacket

As the weather gets colder, the turtlenecks come out of the closet. A well-fitted long sleeve turtle neck on its own radiates a classic chic that never goes out of style. Coupled with your favorite jacket and you have a winter look perfect for a look book.
Rather than a plain/ boring high neck, go in for a ribbed piece. Not only does it look better, but it feels more comfortable and compliments your figure as well, just a bit.

The Denim on Denim 

Winter brings denim back. What might be an overdose to some could be one of the most memorable styles of this season. We just mentioned the denim jacket, but wearing a jacket over a pair of the same colored jeans is a vibe in itself.

Denim on denim has been a very retro vibe that has stood the test of time. It is a very rugged, grungy, and attitude-laden look but also one that will get you noticed. Think back to Robert Plant tearing it up on stage. You naturally picture his blue-on-blue look that became one of the most prominent fashion statements for men and women alike. It doesn’t have to be just a jacket. Denim shirts are great as well and can add a great deal of personality to your outfit. Moreover, the two denim pieces don’t always have to be the same color. A blue denim top and black jeans are a great look as well. 

There you have it; some classic looks that you may want to consider this winter. These looks will never go out of style and will remain head-turners no matter what year it is. With various styles this season, the choice is now yours to pick and choose what suits you best to create a look to remember.