Putting together a maternity wardrobe full of winter staples doesn’t have to be complicated! It’s easy to feel stylish and comfortable in cold weather once you add a few key pieces to your closet. Of course, one of the challenges of dressing for winter while pregnant is that your body is changing right along with the seasons. That’s where choosing versatile, adaptable pieces comes into the picture. Take a look at some tips for finding the best maternity clothes for winter.

Faux Leather Leggings

Faux leather leggings are amazing in the wintertime because they provide all of the convenience of leggings with some added structure and warmth. They’re also great for dressing up any look while still feeling as comfortable as ever. Faux leather leggings work great under large tunics and sweaters.

“Skinny” Cut Maternity Jeans

A good pair of maternity jeans is worth its weight in gold! No other fashion item is going to come through for you as much as jeans that you love. The benefit of skinny maternity jeans is that they create a streamlined look that’s perfect for balancing out flowy peasant blouses or empire-waist tops. The key to finding the best maternity jeans is to look for jeans with plenty of stretch. This will ensure that you can look streamlined and stylish while also feeling totally comfortable as your body changes from day to day.

A Puffer Maternity Coat

You may have to retire your winter coat for this season. The waistlines of regular coats simply aren’t accommodating for a growing belly. As a result, wearing a regular coat means not being able to zip or button your coat on the coldest of days. Pick out a great puffer maternity coat that will keep you warm all over!

Ribbed Tops

Some warm, ultra-practical ribbed tops can quickly become maternity staples once you realize how comfortable they are! Stock up on a few different colors of simple ribbed tops to ensure that you always have some “basics” to grab for on colder days. One plus of a going with some solid, pattern-free tops is that you can layer them with just about anything.

Maternity Joggers

Nothing makes it easier to ease into winter than some warm, ultra-soft joggers for when you simply want to keep it casual. Trying to buy regular joggers in larger sizes when pregnant usually results in awkward fits with pants sliding down at your hips. Maternity joggers give you all the comfort of your favorite sweats with a custom fit! They allow you to look neat and stylish when it’s time to wind down.

Celebrate Your Wintertime Bump

There’s no need to hide your bump under layers of clothes just because it’s time to bundle up! Looking fresh and stylish during wintertime can be easy during pregnancy if you focus on a few wardrobe staples that combine clean lines and comfort. If you’re ready to shop for winter maternity clothing from the comfort of home, DressBarn is open online right now!

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