When winter is approaching, your garden is going to see some inevitable changes, with colors changing, temperatures dropping and less time wanting to be spent in your outside space. With this change comes the preparation needed to make sure your garden is fully maintained during the winter and all your hard work throughout the year doesn’t go to waste. You want your garden to be in its best condition when springtime rolls around again, so here are some essential garden maintenance tips for you this winter. 

Top Tip: Get Rid of Weeds 

Completely disposing of any problematic weeds is vital before winter so that they don’t contaminate your soil or crops and become a problem again when spring arrives. Get rid of weeds completely from your garden so that they don’t take root in another area of your garden. 

Top Tip: Dispose of Any Sick Plants

If you have any contaminated plants which are beyond help, now is the time to get rid of them before winter sets in. If left, they could run the risk of enticing pests or worsening in rot, so a good check and clear out is in order.

Top Tip: Make Use of Your Compost Patch

If your garden has had a compost heap through the summer, you may think there’s nothing more you can do with it during wintertime, but this is not the case. If you have a compost heap ready to go, you should use this to fertilize your soil before winter so that it’s better prepared when spring comes around again. 

Top Tip: Protect Your Pond 

Changing temperatures and the risk of the water freezing over can all play havoc with your garden pond or other water feature. You need to take the right steps to ensure all equipment is working, such as a water feature pump and filter, to maintain a healthy water balance during the winter. You should also think about other protection methods, like netting, covers, or barriers for protecting fish. 

Top Tip: Take the Opportunity to Wash Your Equipment

It’s very difficult to keep on top of a good cleaning and oiling routine during summer when you’re constantly using your gardening equipment, so when winter sets in, this is the perfect time for a good deep cleaning. You’re not going to be using your tools during the winter, so give them a thorough clean and service before storing them away so that they’re ready to go come spring. 

Top Tip: Cover Furniture 

You don’t want all your stylish and comfortable garden furniture to be exposed to the elements, especially during periods of bad wind and rain. Not only can this compromise the furniture itself, but it can also run the risk of damaging your property if bad winds force furniture against doors or windows. 

Cover your furniture if it can safely remain in place, or store it away inside, in your garage, or in a storage unit while it is not being used.