Men’s accessories often get a bad wrap for exclusively prioritizing function over fashion. The goal of a men’s wallet is to act as a perfect balance between a good-looking accent to your clothing and a vital tool for your daily life.

The most important part about choosing a wallet is to get one that suits your needs. Wallets come in a large variety of forms, and if you can find one that works for you, swapping out material, color, and other aesthetic aspects won’t be difficult if you know where to look.

Keep in mind that despite the overwhelming number of options, there’s going to be a wallet that matches your style and functional wants. The search is all about narrowing your choices.

Fashion and Function Tips

Thanks to the expanding market of men’s accessories, you can find the perfect wallet to compliment your style without having to compromise on useability. 

With or without other standard accents like a watch, cufflinks, or glasses, depending on your preferences, your wallet will stand out when it matters.

1. Wallet Material

This beginning choice matters a lot and can get rid of many unnecessary choices that you would have to make otherwise. A good classic is choosing among leather wallets like these from Carl Friedrick, but don’t feel like that’s the only option.

You may be surprised to learn that the wide variety of wallet materials encompasses metal, wood, synthetic mixtures, elastics, paper, and even more. 

Despite the outlandish aspects of some wallet materials, once you understand the drawbacks and benefits equally, making a decision shouldn’t be so difficult.

For example, if you prefer bulky wallets with many spaces for cards and cash, you can’t get a slim bifold wallet made of metal, which limits usable space, but it is the sturdiest material. Getting designs you desire on your wallet is more achievable with easily moldable materials like paper and synthetics but can compromise durability.

2. Wallet Type

What do you use your wallet for, primarily? Are you the type to only utilize a passport holder, or do you prefer a bulky bi-fold with many card spaces? 

Regardless of what you use your wallet for, there’s a style for you. Once you have a material and physical use case, you have already eliminated a majority of wallets from the running.

Common types of wallets outside the classic bi-fold include slim models that take up little space but offer little storage; long wallets to avoid folding bills and papers you might be carrying with you; and coin wallets that help manage change along with your cards.

3. Matching Accessories

One of the most important steps in putting together your cohesive sense of fashion is combining your clothing and accessories. Customizing your accessories is less expensive than having to completely re-choose or tailor your main outfit.

Getting your belt, watch, wallet, ties or ascots, cufflinks, and pocket squares all together is no simple feat. Your wallet is a good ground to start from, given its longevity and usefulness. If you wear a suit, a flannel, or just have a plain shirt on, your wallet is still in your pocket.

I recommend choosing a wallet of neutral color or one that comes in an achromatic shade to give yourself the most options. 

However, you will know your sense of fashion and formality best, so if you already know you mix a lot of warm colors into your outfits, avoid going with a cool, understated wallet.

4. The Importance of Confidence and Comfort

Wallet type and material are not in and of themselves the end statement in your expression. As long as you find a type that can handle your needs, you can make it work with your fashion sense. 

If you fumble to use a wallet you think looks cool when it doesn’t match how you use it, you won’t look good.

Confidence in your attire and your accessories stems from both liking how they look and feel and being comfortable enough to use them properly. Don’t cave to pressure on your choice of wallet when you know what you need in your daily life.

The right men’s wallet for you will be the best in both the fashion world and the working one. Choosing a wallet is a big decision, and any good quality product should last you years and years. 

Start from the basics, keep things simple and trust yourself, and finding the best men’s wallet will be a breeze.