With the start of the new decade, 2020 is the perfect year for upgrading your style and investing in some new key pieces. It can be very easy to find some new clothes and put together a fashionable outfit, whatever your budget or style is. Here are some of our top tips on men’s fashion in 2020.

Invest in Good Shoes

Did you know that shoes make or break an outfit? One of the easiest ways to upgrade your style is to start with your shoes. There are many amazing pairs out there that you can incorporate into your look with some careful thought and consideration.

Make sure that you are investing in high-quality pairs that will go well with every outfit. For example, Dune has an amazing range of men’s Chelsea boots. These are smart and stylish, and they fit into both casual and more formal outfits. A nice pair of boots should be a staple item in every man’s wardrobe!

Consider Tailoring

When you buy clothes, you most likely try them on to see what the fit is like. Most of them are made to fit a general standard rather than someone’s actual body. Do you have some pieces you that love, but always wished fit a little bit better? Tailoring is the answer you are searching for.

Invest in taking your clothes to a professional tailor. Even if you mainly buy mass-produced clothes from high-street brands, a tailor will be able to fit them specifically to you. Fit is incredibly important in men’s fashion, but even more so if you are buying a suit. Suits are one of the hardest pieces of clothing men need to shop for. There is a right way for your suit to fit, and many wrong ways. By taking on the advice of a professional tailor, you will be able to get your clothes fitted to your body perfectly.

Don’t Neglect Outerwear

When putting together an outfit, many people make the mistake of putting together a killer look, then completely ruining it by just slinging any old coat over the top. Instead, you need to make sure that you are considering all parts of the outfit. Outerwear is generally the first thing people notice.

If you know that you are going to need outerwear for your look tomorrow, make sure to build it in as a core part of the outfit. This includes accessories like scarves or gloves. By considering which pieces will work best with each specific outfit, you will be able to put together high-end looks that look amazing no matter how wrapped-up you are.

Quality Over Quantity

No matter what you are buying, from socks to blazers, you need to make sure that the pieces are always high quality. This doesn’t mean you always have to buy designer, but you do need to do some research to determine your best options. Always buy pieces that you can be certain are going to last.

There are basics like white t-shirts, that are always in style, no matter what. Investing in high-quality pieces that will last means that you won’t have to waste money replacing them as often. In turn, you should have more of a budget to invest in items that will allow you to change up your style as fashion trends change.

Having a good eye for men’s fashion can be easier than you might think. By knowing what works for you and what pieces fit your preferred style, you should be able to put together several new outfits that you know look amazing. Start searching for new clothes for 2020 now.