By Vikrant Makkar

Men’s fashion in the 2000s is now as indefinable as women’s fashion has been for the past few years. Gone are the days when men couldn’t look fashionable with those uninteresting shirts and mundane trousers. Looking good is no longer just a woman’s privilege. Each year, trends for men’s fashion are predicted, but rarely followed. Hence, they miss out on stylish clothing.

For younger males, hip hop culture has highlighted many trends for men’s fashion, while older males are increasingly aware of tailoring, and making a garment fit right for their body shape, rather than going with the fashion trend.

Trends for men have always been a tricky issue. You need to make a statement, yet not overdo it. For the men who want to get started with this voguish experiment, this year is not a year to go too bold with colors, whereas shades of blue and black are set to rule. Denims continue to rule 2015 and printed shirts and jackets will also be a hit. You can set your mood to set yourself apart from the crowd with the slim, narrow trend and a slush of colors.

An exclusive printed jacket with layering and a good amount of texturing on the fabric, with fine yet visible detailing, will look great. Printed jackets can be highlighted with Kalamkari work. The trend of printed jackets and slim pants is the future of fashion as the new age man replaces cargos with slimmer pants and includes more linen jackets in their wardrobe. You can even pair your jackets with slim fitting blue denims which are completely classic, timeless and are one of the most versatile pieces you’ll ever own.

It is easy to dress oneself, with the slimmer cut ensuring sharper lines and a better shape. Indigo jeans work with almost any look you can think of and will never go out of fashion. It’s worth investing good money in self finished fabrics, which are of a higher quality and almost guaranteed to last longer. Basic knitwear will be an essential component of your layering this season, and you’ll be wearing it a lot.

A few staple colors allow you to play around with bolder shades within the rest of your ensemble and the mid-weight ensures that they sit on the casual side of the spectrum, which is much more suitable when you’re just starting out. When it comes to suits, double breasted blazers are in fashion, so for people who like slim fits, new styles to try are emerging. Wider legged pants are replacing slim cut trousers, which were a trend last year.

For those who like sweatshirts; try out interesting, bold and graphic prints or patterns. Short sleeved shirts are also back in fashion. You can let go of the traditional outfit and opt for well-fitted kurtas or bandgalas in simple designs. Sports coats, camouflage prints and military themes are very much in vogue at international fashion shows this year.

Golf pants and shorts are also hitting the trend. A few years back, golfing attire was very simple and elegant, and aimed at comfort. But trends change with time. Golfing attire has become funkier and can team up with cloth-button shirts. This looks casual and less sporty. Some people go wacky with their golf pants in different chic colors. Fortunately, for these promising fashionistos, these shirts are a worthwhile addition to any modern wardrobe, perfectly adapting to formal and casual occasions. You will definitely get a lot of use out of them.

Apparel is always mixed and matched with accessories, which can surprise and delight. Shoes do a lot of talking. Funny, but they do. Desert boots go with everything, from jeans to shorts to suits, making you look smart without being too formal. These boots are extremely comfy and a pair in light sand will complement every piece in your wardrobe. You can even go for brown leather if you’re looking for something that is seasonally suitable and a bit more hard wearing.

Wearing the right belt is an art indeed. Yes, they’re definitely used to hold up your pants, but they do serve another purpose by adding another dimension to your look. A classic black, brown or beige belt is an absolute wardrobe staple. Wearing cufflinks will make a plain, formal shirt look stylish and sophisticated, and make you stand out at that party or formal function. Match the cufflinks with the style and color of your shirt.

Do you really know how to tie a tie? A stunning tie can instantly make a suit more beautiful and classier, especially if you know how to associate colors. You can match it with the facing of the suit – satin with satin, silk with silk – but it can also be an opportunity to do something different. A different texture or feel can look great – but we wouldn’t recommend different colors or prints.

Men need not shy away from wearing something different and unusual. It should no longer be a cause for concern. Today, the more adventurous men are, the more people will follow their style cues and update their boring wardrobe staples to make space for modern, stylish wears.