“Party in the city where the heat is on, all night, on the beach till the break of dawn. Welcome to Miami”. The iconic chorus to Will Smith’s Miami: a song most millennials remember dancing along to! Visiting the city of Miami in its entirety is fun; there are fabulous restaurants, day parties in South Beach, and buzzing art scenes! So here are some fun things to do in The Magic City.

Miami Music Week

A wild ride for anyone interested in a full week of full-on electronic dance music. Nearly 200,000 party goers attend the event every year, and it features one of the biggest festivals in the world, Ultra! Pro tip: Go to all of the bars during this week because most of the international DJs and artists perform there.

Unique experiences

We all know the story about Joe Exotic, the self-proclaimed Tiger King, but Miami boasts a spectacular Zoological Wildlife Foundation that promotes nature conservation and cares for a range of exotic animals, including cute little otters and downright scary lions – yikes!


There is nothing quite like eating a city’s famous cuisine, let alone eating it in said city, and you can almost be guaranteed you’ll enjoy every feast available. Sate your appetite with a range of delectable meals, including tastes from Cuba and Haiti. 


Who knew bakeries were a thing in Miami? Then again, carbs do make the world go round. When you find yourself in the Wynwood Art District, you will find artisanal loaves, challahs, pastries, and more at a little bakery called Zak the Baker. What’s more, gluten-free lovers can enjoy soups and salads, AND the entire bakery is kosher. Can’t make it to Miami? Are you craving cookies? Order online from gluedtothekitchen!

Fine dining:

From seafood to grills and Mexican feasts, too, you are spoilt for choice when exploring the city one bite at a time. Tuck your teeth into Seaspice Brasserie and Lounge, an establishment right on the Miami River. The team serves up the finest cuisine, including Spanish Octopus a la Plancha, Waybu burgers, and tequila-inspired cocktails. 


El Rey de las Fritas was first opened in 1976 – that’s 45 years ago if you were wondering. Serving locals and tourists alike, El Rey de las Fritas is famously known for their Cuban-style burger made with beef, topped with fried onions and shoestring fries, and precisely placed on top of a Cuban roll. What truly sets this burger apart from the rest is “La Formula”, a secret ingredient mixed into the patty. 

Taco Tuesday:

Taco Tuesday, Taco every day? Yes, please. This family-friendly restaurant packs a mighty Latin American punch with its authentic homemade Mexican food. Try a variety of tacos (specialties include chipotle shrimp, octopus, and ribeye), nachos, and quesadillas, with healthy plant-based options too. 


How could you possibly visit The Magic City and not visit the iconic thoroughfare, Ocean Drive in South Beach? Well, I bet you wouldn’t miss it! Interestingly, the Versace Mansion is located on Ocean Drive and is visited by thousands of tourists every year, but back to the nightlife.

If you want to party like a rockstar, then you’ve come to the right place as some of the best nightclubs are located in South Beach. If you want to see a celebrity, then head off to LIV. It’s been said you’ll feel like you are partying in an actual music video when inside… interesting!

With a unique name like Do Not Sit on the Furniture, all you have to worry about here is dancing – good, cause that’s what you want, right? Up next is Nikki Beach, which is quite literally on the beach; go figure, the name says it all. While this crowd prefers day partying, it’s still a must-see. 

Let’s go beaching

Sun, sea, sand, the iconic trio that translates into vacation mode. If you are not soaking up the sun and taking a dip in the ocean, then what are you doing? While South Beach is the most popular sunny escape in the city, less crowded beaches like Crandon Park are increasing in popularity. Get your perfect Instagram shot at Crandon Park as its turquoise waters mesmerize you. What’s fun here, you ask? There are tennis and golf centers, as well as on-site grills – remember to claim your spot early!

Art imitates life

Tourists hardly ever think about Miami as having its own art scene, but the city does, and it has a unique history. Decades ago there were no museums or art shows in the city, but this has since changed. One of the city’s most buzzing neighborhoods is Wynwood; its colorful murals line the streets and parks. The late Tony Goldman had the idea to turn this warehouse neighborhood into giant canvases translating into one of the biggest art pieces in the city.

Learn a thing or two

You can learn a lot in The Magic City, and it can be fun too. You can actually visit a castle in Miami; yes, you read that correctly. Coral Castle is a museum that was established in 1923. Now, I know what you are thinking, what’s fun about a museum/castle? Dress up and get the perfect Instagram shot and pretend you are in the novel Robinson Crusoe – winning!