Wearing mens necklaces is something that we wish more people would strive to do. Why? Because with the right necklace, you can instantly upgrade your outfit and your overall confidence for the day.

While there has always been a lot of emphasis on women’s jewelry, we are here to state that all the benefits women get from accessories, men can too.

In fact, men’s necklaces can completely change an outfit and sense of style.

And the best part is, there is the right kind of necklace out there for everyone. From a simple Franco chain to a blinged-out dog tag, there is a men’s necklace that can help enhance any type of style for men.

The key to mastering the art of wearing a necklace stays the same, whether you are wearing a bedazzled skull or an elegant Cuban link chain And we’re here to help. That is why we have gathered the top tips on how to style men’s necklaces so you can wear your piece of jewelry with pride.

Here are the top tips to style your men’s necklace:

Discover the Story

First things first, you have to understand and appreciate the necklace itself before you can style it properly. That is why you should always first take the time to discover and learn the story behind it. For example, when it comes to the Cuban chain link, the original design was inspired by ancient Egypt but the modern take was made popular by mainstream hip-hop artists. And the very best are sourced and made in Italy. When you appreciate where your necklace came from and the origins of the design, you will be proud to show it off and find a deeper connection with it—instantly making it more stylish.

Figure Out the Ensemble

Every men’s necklace needs a quality outfit to shine bright with. For example, if you are wanting to wear your gold cross pendant with pride, you should avoid any crazy patterned shirts. Instead, choose a solid colored white t-shirt or black t-shirt so that the necklace can really stand out around your neck. The same goes with other accessories too. If you wear too many different pieces, the necklace can get lost. So keep it simple and solid when it comes to figuring out the ensemble of clothes you are going to wear with it.

Color is Key and Make it Match

This one is something everyone who wants to style their men’s necklace should pay attention to. The details matter when it comes to ensuring that your necklace matches your outfit. For example, if your necklace is made of solid gold, you should make sure there are no clashing metals of other sorts, such as a platinum watch, in the mix. Instead, you will want to pick a watch that enhances and compliments that gold necklace.

Make Sure You Don’t Have Skin Allergies

No one wants to have their skin break out in a rash as a result of being irritated by a piece of jewelery. That is why before you even purchase a necklace you should do research on understanding the materials that are used. The best types of men’s necklaces to get are the ones that are made of pure gold or silver and the suppliers don’t go cheap on materials. Choosing quality necklaces is key to ensuring that your body embraces, rather than rejects, the necklace you are wearing.

Understand Dimensions and Sizes

This is another important factor to consider. Just like men are not all created equal in height, necklaces are not all going to be the same size for every man and work the same in completing a look. For example, a necklace that is around 55-centimeters in length will be a more form-fitting necklace that is the most common for those wanting versatility in wearing the necklace underneath or on top of the shirt. But then for those that want to grab attention with their jewelery, a longer 76-centimeter necklace will do the trick, especially if the necklace is designed to be a pendant or really thick chain.  

Know When to Mix and Match Versus Keeping It Simple

The final piece of advice when it comes to styling men’s necklaces is to know when to have fun with mixing and matching multiple pieces versus keeping it simple and letting one necklace shine with the outfit. This all comes down to the vibe you are trying to create and the types of necklaces you have. For example, a solid gold Cuban link chain deserves the spotlight, where a blinged-out pendant can be supported with a variety of other chain or pendant necklaces.  

Men’s necklaces are one of the biggest trends in male fashion and with the right styling tips, can completely transform a look and confidence.