Every day, more and more hybrid cars hit the streets. This is fantastic news for those looking to save money on fuel costs. Just by charging it at your home with the help of the best EV home chargers, you can now travel without the need for fuel and people concerned about the environment. While some of the initial hybrids were…not the most stylish, to say the least, the modern vehicles hitting the market seem to have had a serious makeover. Read on to discover some of the most stylish hybrid cars that you can buy today.

What Is A Hybrid Car?

Hybrid cars are electric vehicles with an engine that you can turn off at times to save fuel. A hybrid car is a car that uses both an internal combustion engine and electric motors to power the wheels. This creates a better fuel efficiency for cars but also reduces emissions. The downside is that hybrid cars are typically more expensive than conventional gasoline-powered models. They are often preferred over fully battery-powered vehicles due to their flexibility, especially those who live in rural areas or drive long distances.

What Are Their Benefits?

Hybrids have numerous advantages over their fully gas-powered siblings, and as technology advances, the benefits will only become more significant. Some of the main advantages include:

They Have A Surprisingly High Resale Value

Because hybrid cars are harder to find used in certain areas due to their low sales volume and rarity, they increase their resale value via supply and demand. This is especially great for those looking to purchase a new vehicle and trade in their old hybrid, but you must ensure to visit dealerships that offer sensible pricing. For example, this dealer in Fort Lauderdale advises their customers to check Kelley Blue Book when trading in their used car as they want to be upfront with the price they offer. Nevertheless, you should get a reasonable price for a used hybrid to put towards one of the stylish models discussed later.

Reduction In Fuel Costs

The most apparent benefit commonly touted is the amount of money you can save on gas with a battery-assisted vehicle. Hybrid cars can save a lot on your monthly fuel bill, especially if you commute a long way since cruising can considerably reduce fuel consumption.

They Have Plenty Of Torque

Electric motors instantly provide their maximum torque rating, which is the secret to the success of many hybrid vehicles. In many ways, hybrid cars offer the benefits of electric vehicles with none of the significant downsides.

Stop-Start Motor

The gasoline engine of hybrids is almost never idled, so they have an advantage over traditional cars. Hybrid cars automatically shut down their internal combustion engines as soon as they come to a stop so that they consume less fuel and emit fewer emissions.

Possible Tax Incentives

The federal government has established several income tax credit programs to promote the purchase of hybrid vehicles. In conjunction with these initiatives, several states provide additional incentives, such as reduced vehicle registration and excise fees and supplementary income tax refunds, which can add to the financial benefits of having a hybrid automobile.

What Are The Most Stylish Hybrids Out There?

Now that you are sufficiently convinced of the benefits that hybrid vehicles provide, you might be thinking about which options are available that don’t make you look like a dad who has given up on life!

Volkswagen Golf GTE

You can’t be much cooler than a VW Golf. They provide loads of space for their class and plenty of punch when you open the taps. This hybrid version is the icing on the cake of an already fantastic car.

Hyundai Ioniq

Touted (by Hyundai) as the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the USA, the Ioniq is sleek enough to use for business and family but frugal enough to keep your bank manager happy. Each Ioniq hybrid uses a 1.6-liter petrol engine coupled to an electric motor, returning 65 mpg. 

Lexus LC500H

Now you’re moving into seriously cool territory with the Lexus LC500H. In addition to combining innovative design and technology, this sports coupe boasts a unique look that will turn heads as you cruise around town.


The i8 is light, low drag, and can travel up to 23 miles on electric power alone. The sporty i8 features potent petrol engines with multiple air intakes and a three-cylinder turbocharged engine, combined with its proprietary electric motor delivering 231 horsepower. You will have to pay for the privilege to drive this car, but it is undoubtedly one of the most stylish out there.

There are numerous significant advantages that hybrids have over their gas-powered counterparts. Furthermore, there are now lots of models available that range from good-looking to supermodel status.