The holiday season is a time for giving and sharing. The air gets colder, the snow falls from the sky, and we spend more time with our loved ones. There will be many people asking what they can get as a Christmas gift for friends and family members this year. Depending on the recipient, this can range from a funny gift to couples hoodies. Here are four great ideas for gifts that you can give someone special this holiday season:

Family pajamas

Family pajamas are a great idea for the whole family because you can all match and it’s super comfortable. You’ll be able to lounge around together on Christmas morning while opening presents, watching movies, or playing games. If you’re doing some personalized family attire– why stop there? You can add your faces on custom socks by Porter Reid.

There is nothing better than coming home from work or school at night and putting your feet into fuzzy slippers that feel like clouds. Paired with an oversized t-shirt you should never leave your bed again. Cool PJs for the whole family will make those winter nights cozy and comfortable. Family PJs come in different styles such as matching top and bottom sets, onesies for babies with footie pajamas, or even Christmas-themed items that can be worn throughout the holiday season. Snuggle up together this December by wearing your family’s favorite color of red, green blue, or whatever you like best!

Coffee mug

Carrying a coffee cup around with you at all times is very popular and there’s no better way to show off your individualism than by having your own personalized coffee mug. You can find anything from funny quotes, cute animals, or even the logo of your favorite sports team on these mugs. A great gift for any person who loves drinking their morning Joe will be customized ceramic mugs that they can use every day! It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas or not because anyone would appreciate this thoughtful gift.

If you are looking for something more personal then go ahead and get them one that has their name written across it in decorative lettering so everyone knows which one belongs to when they come to visit over the holidays. If you want to be a little more crafty, make your own coffee mug using paint markers and decals to create something unique that they’ll love!

Phone case

Phone cases are a great gift because people get bored of them so often and it’s always nice to switch up the look. Investing in a stylish phone case is also something that will last longer than any other type of present you could give someone this holiday season. Customized cell phone cases come in every design, shape, size, or even material at Walmart right now! You can find patterns such as chevron zigzags, polka dots, stripes, plaids, and much more depending on what your unique friend likes best. 

Other places like Etsy offer personalized cases with custom images too if you want to add some flair for yourself or someone else who loves unicorns and mermaids all day long.

Phone cases are also a great gift because they can be personalized and that way you know for sure it’s going to the right person. 

You could get them something from their favorite movie, TV show, or even make your own picture of the two of you together! The possibilities are endless when it comes to phone cases so go ahead and pick out one with Christmas colors on it if you want to give a festive touch this holiday season.

Magazine subscriptions

Magazine subscriptions are a great gift for someone who likes to stay up-to-date on current events and they make fantastic stocking stuffers. Whether you know them better than anyone in the world, or if this is your first time meeting them, magazine subscriptions will be something that they’ll enjoy reading every month. 

It’s also nice to just get started early so when next year comes around they have built up their collection from all twelve months. You can find out what kind of magazines interest them most by asking questions such as: What does he/she like? Does she love makeup tutorials? Are his favorite hobbies watching sports, cooking, taking photos? Or do they want something random and fun like Mad Magazine which includes satire articles and comics?

For the foodie in your life, try a cooking magazine subscription so they can learn different recipes and create delicious dishes with their family. For someone who loves to read crime stories about serial killers or detectives solving crimes, there are mystery or thriller magazines that you could order for them! Whatever it is, subscriptions are something everyone will use regularly because these types of things make us more cultured and interesting people.

There are so many things you can give as gifts, but these four items will surely be a hit this Christmas. All of the products have been well-thought-out and would make great presents for any loved one. So take some time to think about your family members or friends who might enjoy receiving each gift from this list!