These sunnies can disguise (and protect) yourself!

Sunglasses serve various purposes. They reduce the sun’s glare; they allow us to minimize the appearance of long-term wrinkles and frown lines that come from not wearing them on sunny days (or in winter when the sun is reflecting off blankets of snow). 

But where’s the fun in practicality alone? If that were the only reason we wore sunglasses, we could pick up any anti-glare pair at the local drugstore and be done with it. 

We want square shaped style. And that style can be found at Messyweekend square shaped sunglasses no matter what your personal preference is and regardless of what you need those sunnies for. 

So, without regard for those boring purposes, let’s unpack why you might want some unique (and maybe flashy) sunnies to add to your collection:

  • You Want to Create an “Air” of Mystery or Intrigue

Suppose you have been invited to a daytime gathering – perhaps a poolside brunch. You will know very few people at the event, but do want to attract some visual attention and have others wondering, “Who is that?” 

  • You Need Color Coordination

Sunglasses’ frames do come in a huge variety of colors, and so do your clothes. Just like jewelry and other accessories, coordinating colors can be important. A snazzy checkered frame might be great with solid color clothing, but would certainly clash with a plaid shirt/blouse of wildly different colors.

  • You Need to Disguise the Night Before and the Morning After

Who hasn’t had a very late night only to be forced to “rise and shine” the next morning and look fresh, while those bags under the eyes tell a different story? Having some sunnies with tinted lenses will let you wear them indoors or outdoors and still hide your last night’s fun.

  • You Want to “Make a Statement”

You are unique. Your clothing, hairstyle, and general demeanor say so. Your sunnies should do as well. How about some square-shaped sunglasses to set yourself apart? How many other fashionistas might have them? In a world of round and oval shapes, the chances are slim.

Practicality Should Not be Ignored

Aside from the cosmetic reasons to wear sunglasses when we go outside, there are some important health considerations to think about. Here are just five of them.

  • Cancer: Most don’t know that 10% of skin cancers occur on the eyelid, due to constant UV exposure. We are careful to protect the rest of our skin with sunblocks, but we neglect our eyelids.
  • Cataracts: These, too, are the result of too much sunlight. Eye lenses become cloudy and surgery is required to remove them.
  • Pterygium: here’s a big word, but it can cause eye inflammation and disruption of vision. In short, it is abnormal tissue growth across the whites of the eyes, due to the lack of protection that good sunglasses provide.
  • Photokeratitis: This is a temporary condition, but it is uncomfortable and painful and causes blurred vision. Most people refer to it as sunburn of the eye, and that is really what it is. When the eyes look at the sun too much without protection from those rays, such conditions may occur.
  • Macular Degeneration: There is an area around the eye that has light-sensing cells. Over time, they can become damaged, and those affected by it cannot see details clearly anymore. At its worst, it results in significant vision loss. It is believed that too much exposure to UV rays contributes to this condition.

You Have Two Reasons for a Stacking Up on Sunnies

The first is personal – you want to look your best, and you see sunglasses as important accessories, just like jewelry and shoes. And a good variety will allow you to be who you want to be at the moment or to disguise yourself in some way.

The second is personal too, but not for reasons of style. Over time, you want to protect and preserve your eyesight. You only have one pair of eyes to last a lifetime.

Author’s bio. Jessica Fender is a professional marketer and a content writer. If you ever wondered, “I wish someone would write my paper for me“, she is one of those professional academic level writers that will save you time and your degree. She enjoys the beach, martial arts, and literature.