In preparation for a party or some other special occasion, models save time by shopping strategically. Models need to be ready for any occasion that may occur and it is often hard to find the perfect outfit and get ready in a timely manner. A few helpful tips are to get a stylist, prepare outfits ahead of time and stay away from the sales rack will help models look their best and save more time.

Grocery Delivery Services

Grocery delivery services are a great way to save time. Models can order items that they may need for the party to be delivered right to their door, saving them from making multiple errands before the event. Whatever the special occasion or a party is, there’s probably gonna be some liquor there. If you don’t want to lose time picking up booze, it would be best if you order one of the many grocery and alcohol delivery services, because as seen at Sipsy, these services can be pretty affordable. As for food, you can also order catering to keep the party up to standard while you save time.

Plan Ahead

If you’re going shopping to find a special outfit for an event or party, it is best to plan ahead and do the footwork in advance. Make a list of items you need and shop strategically. If there is a certain store you know carries what you need, such as Forever 21 for trendy clothing, try not to stray from your path. Decide in advance what you would like to wear and when you go shopping, purposefully go for it. For example, if you decide to wear a dress, go to stores that sell dresses.

Hire A Stylist To Find The Right Clothing

On the other hand, if you can’t think of any outfit you would like to wear, you can hire a stylist. A stylist will meet with you and listen to your event and any other specific details. They should be able to bring different outfit options for you to choose from based on your existing wardrobe and the parameters given (a certain color and theme if it is a themed party, etc.). Although this may seem like an extravagant option, the stylist’s fee is often cheaper than buying several outfits in order to find one you are satisfied with.

Shop Online

If you want to save even more time, when you pick an outfit or a stylist does that for you, buy those items online. This will save you time spent in the store and gas since you can do it from home. If you’re looking for deals when shopping online, try finding some online coupons or sign up for their email list. This way, you will get coupons and other deals in your inbox which you can use to shop more affordably. Keep in mind that you won’t have an option to try the clothes before buying them, so pick sizes carefully.

Go Through Your Closet

If you’re not looking for something particular, an option is to go through your closet. This saves time since you probably already have clothing in your closet that can be re-worn or used as part of the outfit. If you haven’t worn the item in a while, try it on to see if you still like it and can fit it. If all else fails, you can always throw the outfit together quickly and pay attention to what you need for next time. It would certainly be good to plan in advance what you would wear, e.g. a dress or skirt and a top, so that you can choose fast what suits you best. Sometimes digging in the closet can take a lot of time like shopping, so it is important to have a plan in advance.

Decide On Your Make-Up

Whatever the occasion, it would be best to decide on your make-up beforehand. This way you won’t have to spend time rushing around getting ready, all that will be done ahead of time. You can either decide on your own or hire a professional if you’re unsure of what will look good with your outfit. Remember to always work with your outfit and what the event calls for in terms of cosmetics. You can also keep a little bit of make-up in your purse if it is an important party or celebration that calls for something special.

The key to looking good and saving time is preparation. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how many people skip this step when they’re in need of an outfit for an occasion. If you want to look polished without spending hours shopping or putting together outfits at the last minute, try some of the ideas we mentioned above.