Believe it or not, there is a silver lining from getting to spend more time at home. It gives us more time to do new stuff, like cooking, painting, or playing with makeup colors you normally don’t wear. Makeup styles have continued to grow over time. A lot of the looks that we gravitate towards reflect where we are as a culture. Natural shades and nostalgia are two main trends for 2021. Considering that all of us scarcely left our homes in 2020 due to a pandemic, shifting closer to a non-make-up look makes a lot of sense. 

Read on to find out about the make-up trends that are going to blow up this spring.

Dewy Skin

This is excellent news for all skin-care fans, natural skin is going to be the hit in 2021. The natural beauty look would be the trend at the Spring 2021 fashion shows. where models with softly perfected skin and calm eyeshadows will be seen. So ensure you avoid wrinkles and flex your lift, flawless and perfectly youthful skin. According to the beauty experts in Liquid Facelift New Jersey, you can now experience the best-kept secret, but more affordable, Hollywood trick to get a natural-looking facelift without surgery using this special injection method. If you’re looking for instant outcomes with low effort and no downtime, this will be the best option for you. A wrinkle-free, dewy, and radiant skin that we all strive to set the tone for a beauty trend.

Reimagined Cat Eye

The cat-eye has been a key theme in the beauty world for years. If it’s made right, it looks effortless, chic, and sophisticated. But the cat’s eye has been done so many times that it needed to be rebooted and fully revamped. The redefined cat eye would feature blurred edges, giving off a subtle and trendy vibe instead of the sharp and heavily pigmented look we’re used to. Eyeliner is used as a means of defense from the evil eye as much as a statement of appearance. So perfect your eyeliner skills and try this new cat-eye style in 2021 to shield you from the evils of the universe.

Stained Lips

Last year has been a tough one for someone who swears by a bright lipstick. Though face masks wouldn’t go anywhere soon, it doesn’t mean you can’t carry a lipstick. What you need to do is swap your creamy matte red for a stain that would be less likely to stick to your facemask. Though lip stains get a bad reputation for drying out lips, many of today’s formulations contain hydrating additives that keep the pigment from forming into lip lines or flaking.

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Lash Extensions

Almost all beauty gurus have been searching for the best mascara since the start of time. But thanks to the best beauty trends coming up in 2021, our search could be nearing its end. Natural lashes will be the next big thing. Instead of going for the clumpy mascara look of the early 2000s, or the drastic inclusion of fake eyelashes, flashing lashes with a more realistic finish would be all rage. The choice is to balance the natural skin and look beautiful.

All in all, 2021 is about being natural in your looks and embodied the courage to bring out these trends. Hopefully, this writing has helped you with the trends coming this spring. 

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