As a model, it’s crucial to look and feel your best. There’s a lot that goes into your everyday look—the hair, makeup, nails, and more. Chances are, you’re not doing all these things alone. At some point or another, you’ve probably utilized a salon service. Salons are every model’s friend. They can do your hair and makeup, paint your nails, curl your eyelashes, and even give you tan, all in one place. But not all salons are the same. Some people may opt for salon services at home to conveniently choose a time and place that suits their schedule and pamper themselves on their own home. If you’re looking for a specific service, knowing the different types of beauty salons and what they do can help you find the right fit. It’s also important to choose a salon that carries liability insurance, ensuring that both you and the salon are protected in case anything goes wrong during your treatments.

Types of Salon Services

The beauty industry is vast, making it hard to keep track of all the available treatments. Most independent salons will specialize in a wide range of services, from nail art to self-tanning. Some of the most popular services offered by salons include:

  • haircutting, coloring, and styling
  • waxing and other forms of hair removal
  • eyelash extensions
  • nail treatments
  • facials and skin care treatments
  • tanning
  • massages
  • complementary care

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at a specific salon, you’re sure to find it elsewhere. Understanding the different types of beauty salons and what they do can help narrow down your search.

High Street Salons

You’ll find this type of salon on just about every bustling street corner, with big windows and a bold, eye-catching logo. A high street salon will usually offer either hair, beauty, or complementary health treatments. Some are more specialized, offering a single service, such as nail art, exclusively. These specialized services are great if you want something specific, like a particular type of eyelash extension, hairstyle, or makeup look that a regular salon might not have the tools or expertise to give you. If you’re looking for a hair salon near me, high street salons near your area are likely to have what you need!

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Spa Salons

If you’ve ever visited a high-end hotel, country club, or self-contained spa complex, you’ve probably laid eyes on—or even visited—a spa salon. The primary goal of these salons is to provide the customer with a luxurious experience. They’re aesthetically beautiful, with staff whose sole purpose is to put the customer experience above everything else. If you’re looking for pampering, this is the place! At a spa salon, you can get complementary health services, beauty treatments, and, on occasion, hair styling.

Mobile Salons

This term might make you think of someone who runs a salon out of their trailer, but that’s not quite what mobile salons are. A mobile salon is a stylist who comes to you, whether you need a quick touch-up at the hotel, your own home, or before a photo shoot. A mobile stylist usually specializes in one area, with hair styling and makeup being two of the most commonly offered services.

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