By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Lights. Camera. Action. It is very exciting to be booked for your first modelling assignment with a photographer, but there are very important steps to take before you show up for the gig. The key thing here is to be prepared ahead of time and not assume anything. It is also important to ask as many questions prior so the shoot will go as smoothly as humanly possible. The following are important items to keep in mind.

Always show up on time. This means researching the location ahead of time and finding out the most reliable mode of transportation. Also, make sure to research not only traffic issues, but find out what the parking situation is. Plan to show up early, as you never know if there will be last minute issues and the last thing you want to do is to delay a shoot. This will result in a complete lack of future work with the photographer at hand.

Ask the photographer what the theme of the shoot is and what you need to bring with you. Do not plan on every photo shoot being catered, so it is important to bring water and snacks. Plan for the length of the photo shoot and do not assume you will have lunch breaks. If a makeup conversation does not come up prior to the shoot, be sure to ask the photographer if you need to come with a clean face or just basic foundation.

Do not overly chat up the photographer. After all, you are here to work and are the subject of the shoot. It is OK to ask questions regarding preferred angles and poses the photographer is looking for. Most importantly, do not ask the photographer regarding looking at the shots immediately after the shoot. While some photographers do share a few shots, most will want to take time to review all of their photos and use photoshop to clean them up.

It is OK to ask when it would be a good time to follow up with the photographer after the shoot, or when to set a follow up meeting to view the photography. Also, make sure to ask the photographer if you have rights to use the photos or if you need to purchase them. Sometimes, new photographers who want to build their portfolio (and if you are building up yours too this is a great win-win situation), may give you the photos for free in exchange for photo credit. In this situation, keep in mind that these types of shoots are not paid assignments.

The most important takeaway here as a model, is to be prepared and get as much information as possible prior to the shoot. After all, a successful shoot will enhance any model’s reputation and lead to more work to follow, whether is with the photographer you are working with or a new one.