By Jessica Sepel

I’m seeing more and more corporate workers wanting to make healthy changes in their lives but struggling to find the time. Trust me when I say – it’s possible to live a healthy life whilst working full time! Here I’ve compiled my top tips to help – these are perfect for corporate workers, busy mums, uni students and any one who struggles to find spare time. I hope these help!

Here are my top tips:

1. Commit to 2 hours of healthy prep on the weekend: stock your fridge and pantry with healthy food. My online program and book contain my shopping list you can use. This really sets you up for a healthy week. You come home and you have the food ready to go to make dinner – as quick and easy as can be! I also like to have my vegetables cut up and ready to go as pre-prepared snacks.

2. Breakfast is non-negotiable: Skipping breakfast can slow down your metabolism and can lead to blood sugar level imbalance, making it difficult for you to stay focused at work! Having a high protein breakfast helps keep your blood sugar levels balanced all day. Make my Protein Power Smoothie (it literally takes 5 minutes) or try preparing breakfast the night before (Bircher Muesli is a great option) if you don’t have time in the morning!

3. A healthy nighttime routine is essential: You need to have a delicious nighttime routine to look forward to – this makes you excited to go to bed and wind down. Make sure you switch off from technology at least two hours before you go to bed – this allows your mind and body to relax before sleep.

4. Prepare snacks: Veggie sticks with hummus or tahini, my sugar-free protein balls or brown rice crackers with avocado are great satiating options.

5. Leftovers: are lifesavers!

6. Focus on freezable foods: Healthy bolognaise, curries, mashes, soups and sweet treats are amazing to cook in batches and store in the freezer when you need a healthy food fix quick!

7. Commit to the JSHealth Stress-Free Zone: Every day for 10-20 minutes. Schedule it in like a meeting.

8. Do not restrict and deprive yourself: Give up on dieting – it’s causing you to overeat and hold on to weight. Indulge with moderation and control – practice this.

9.Be kinder to yourself: The all or nothing approach does not work. You need to relax with yourself. If you don’t eat perfectly – forgive yourself and commit to eating well at the next meal. Don’t throw the towel in and say “I blew it” – the body listens to what you do most of the time, not sometimes.

10. More rest: Schedule it in. Use your weekends to rest. Say no to social arrangements when you need to. Your friends will understand.

11. Make sure you are eating enough at lunch: especially protein and good fats as they are our most satiating macro nutrients – they keep blood sugar levels very stable.

12. Coffees: We need to talk about coffee. Limit coffee to 1x a day, before 10am if possible. Replace with herbal teas or dandelion tea (can be found in health food shops).

13. Diet drinks: Need to go! They cause you to crave more sugar and create toxic load within the body! Swap to sparkling water with lemon.

14. Alcohol: Avoid during the week and enjoy moderately on the weekends.

15. Magical Magnesium powder: Assists with stress, constipation, sugar cravings and energy – take it.

16. Apple cider vinegar in your water bottle reduces sugar cravings.

17. Ensure you have a 4-5pm snack: to keep your energy levels and blood sugar levels balanced between meals.

18. Reduce stress: Cortisol (the stress hormone) may be causing you to have disrupted sleep and waking up between 2-4am – it also may be why you’re finding it hard to shift the weight. Reduce your stress to reduce your cortisol.

19. Avoid over-exercising: It just places your body under more stress. Healthy living is not about doing everything perfectly, or exercising intensely every day – it’s about balance and moderation. Enjoy 2 rest or yoga days a week.

20. Inspire your colleagues! With healthy food and recipes.

21. Start the JSHealth Program – my 8-week online, interactive Program to help you ditch diets, find a balanced weight and live the healthy life. Find out more here!