By Michele Smith
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When it comes to the fashion industry, any runway model will tell you that their hair takes a beating. This especially comes into play during fashion week when you have multiple events, with multiple stylists working on a models hair with product, curling irons, blow dryers and more. How does a model or non-model alike able to keep healthy hair? The following are some pointers from models in the fashion industry that anyone can take advantage of.

Healthy hair comes from the inside out. This means taking a multivitamin daily and this will do wonders for your hair. If this hard for you to keep up with, it is easy to make this a habit by putting your vitamin container by something you are around every day (your coffee maker for example). Also, do not go the generic route. Go to a Whole Foods or a health store and find a multivitamin specifically for you.

Water is your friend. Drink lots and lots of water. Not only is this great for your skin, this will help your hair as well. Also, any model or non-model alike should try to give their hair a rest and avoid the hairdryer whenever possible. This means if you do not have to be on assignment, let your hair dry naturally that day.
There are also a plenitude of deep conditioning treatments out there. This is a great conversation to have with your stylist, as they can recommend what is best for your particular hair type. While you can go into a salon and have a deep conditioning treatment done on site, there are more affordable options that you can purchase, and do in the comfort of your own home. Give some love and t.l.c. to your locks.

There are a couple of unusual hair treatments out there to have model looking hair that you may or may not have heard of. One school of thought from the Victoria’s Secret models is to condition your hair first and shampoo second. While conditioner actually softens the hair, it also weighs it down. It is also very important to use professional hair care products – again, your hair stylist can recommend what is best for your hair to look healthy, real and bouncy all at the same time.

Another more common trick in the modelling industry is to get a boost with mousse. After blotting your hair with a towel, spray your roots with approximately 10 pumps of a light hold spray. The next step is to add mousse (a lot of it – think a plum-sized portion) and distribute this evenly throughout your hair. Please keep in mind when you are using product in this way you do need to use a blow dryer. However, the results are great model looking hair.

Last but not least, use the right brush. A big round brush typically adds body to your whole head of hair from roots to ends. Do not go the cheap route here and look at the largest round brush possible with natural bristles. This way the brush will pull the hair in a gentle way without damaging it when using the blow dryer.