People all want to look younger. One way to look and feel younger is to take care of our skin. If you are still in the 20s to 30s, there is still time to stop the clock from wrinkles. The key to getting glowing and youthful skin is to have good skincare that is perfect for your skin type. 

First Things First: Knowing Your Skin Is Important!

Skincare is a fascinating subject that cannot provide a one-size-fits-all solution to everyone. People have different skin types and conditions, so knowing your skin type first before splurging on skincare products will make your journey worthwhile. While an individual considers a certain product as their “holy grail,” it may not be the same for you because of your skin type. 

In this article, we’re sharing six wonderful skincare routines that you can try at home that will make you feel young and fresh!


Natural skin oils, dirt, and other pollutants are a few things that can be present in the skin after a long day. Hence, you must wash your face regularly to remove any excess oil or dirt on the skin. This will also allow the other skincare products to successfully be absorbed by your skin, making the skincare routine effective.


Toners are known for balancing the skin’s PH level. It would be best to avoid skipping this part if you have a cleanser with a high PH level. If you want to prevent potential disruptions in your skin’s pH balance caused by high pH cleansers, consider incorporating alcohol free toners into your daily skincare routine. These toners can help restore and maintain your skin’s optimal pH levels for a healthier complexion. To increase the cleansing ability of face cleansers, products are created with higher pH levels, with some even reaching an alkaline pH level of 8, which is what your skin isn’t used to. Without maintaining your skin’s pH level, it can’t perform essential functions such as fighting harmful microbes and protecting your skin from free radical damage.


To solve a skin issue effectively in the shortest possible time, you need to find the right ingredient and formulation for your skin and apply it consistently. For some, basic products like cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens may not be enough to treat skin problems, and this is where treatment products like serums, essences, and ampoules come into the picture.

Due to the diversity of skincare, there are many benefits of a face serum depending on its ingredients. One of the most famous types that is being offered by different brands is Vitamin C serum, which is known to combat sun damage, brighten dark spots, lessen skin inflammation, and promote brighter, healthier skin.

Also, make sure to follow the product’s instructions to make the most of your chosen face serum. 


Your skin tends to look dull and uneven due to the dead skin cells that are not replenished. Exfoliating once or twice a week can prevent your skin from looking uneven. Physical and chemical exfoliators can quickly kick-start your skin cells. However, it would be best to stay away from physical exfoliators. Harsh physical exfoliators like cleansers with beads or even sugar scrubs tend to make your skin sag. Chemical exfoliants, on the other hand, dissolve the bond between the skin cells. Letting the dead skin cells detach from the skin. Exfoliants like lactic and glycolic acid are recommended for people who are maturing. These acids are usually found in toners and serums as well.

Anti-Aging Creams

Of course, how could we forget? The most important part of this skincare routine is  anti-aging creams. There are several anti-aging skin care products that you can use and readily available online. The best and effective anti-aging creams are usually the ones that contain Vitamin A derivatives and Vitamin C. If you want to get the most out of your anti-aging cream, then you should know how to properly apply it to your skin. People would often make the common mistake of rubbing the product on their skin. Gently patting the cream on your face can make a big difference since the skin can easily absorb the product.


The skin produces less sebum as it ages. Less sebum means that you are less prone to getting acne. However, your skin will dry out. Fine lines and wrinkles are a product of skin dehydration. Hence it is important to moisturize your skin daily.


Last but certainly not least is applying sunscreen! Do not take this step too lightly and make the mistake of skipping it. Whether you are staying indoors you are not safe from the sun’s UV Rays. Daily use of sunscreen can prevent you from having dark spots while improving your skin texture and getting rid of those wrinkles.

You must look after every part of your body to feel completely young. A good skincare routine along with a healthy lifestyle can make a huge difference to your skin. And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about getting young-looking skin.

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