Hair extensions have been in use since the 1980s, and their popularity grows day by day. It has transformed many women’s appearance, and to some, it has become a booming business activity. There is always a demand for different types of hair extensions. Besides adding volume to the natural hair, hair extensions improve the look, and one can have different styles in a week. There are other qualities of hair extensions you can buy, including human hair and synthetic ones. What do you look at when buying these extensions? There are different factors you need to consider when buying them. This article will discuss some common factors to consider for all extensions. Here is the list.

Remy or Non-Remy?

Will you be buying the Remy hair extensions or non-Remy? Remy hairs have cuticles intact and are aligned in the same direction to avoid tangling. The opposite fits the non-Remy description. Remy hairs last longer and can go up to two years if maintained and worn as required, while the non-Remy extensions last for only six months. You can check from their difference and quality. What’s on sale in the market? Not many people know how to differentiate these qualities. For example, most extensions from India are usually non-Remy. Unless you ask or you are a hair expert, it’s not easy to know the difference. It’s important to ask or buy from a reputable seller to get the best quality.


The hair extensions you buy must be 100% safe. The reason for this is that this hair comes into contact with your scalp. If you get an extension with an infection, it means you will suffer the same too. The hair extensions should not have harmful chemicals, which cause irritation and damages your hair and scalp. Even though human hairs are expensive, they are the best since they aren’t fused with chemicals. Most synthetic extensions are full of chemicals, which makes them unsafe for individuals who suffer from irritations. It is crucial to buy the extensions from a reputable vendor, who sells extensions from verified manufacturers who use the recommended manufacturing ingredients.

Easy to Manage

It will help if you don’t buy a hair extension to give you lots of work and expenses in managing it. If possible, get a hair extension that can be handled easily as your natural hair. It should be easy to clean, shampoo, and also to comb. It should not be an extension that will use chemical shampoo or conditioners as these will also damage the scalp. Avoid shampoos and conditioners with high alcohol content too. They are not fit for your extensions and natural hair and will make it tangled, frizzy, and not easy to manage. It is better to get a little expensive extension, which is easy and cheaper to operate, than buying a cheap one that’s hard to maintain.


Most extensions, especially human hair, are a bit expensive and cause a dent in your finances. Synthetic extensions are costly, too, if you keep on changing them regularly. It is essential to get a durable extension that will last longer and will make you enjoy value for your money. Some of these extensions end up losing their value, color, and feel after short use, while some start to break at early stages after washing and combing them. Take your time when purchasing the extensions. Ensure to check on their feel, warps, wefts, and other characteristics to ensure you are getting something of quality that will last longer. 


Most ladies go for extensions that will create any hairstyle with it. The hair extension you will buy should accommodate any style, just like you want it to be. You can cut or trim it to your desired length and dye it with the shade you want. The extension should also accommodate weaving, straightening, curling, and other techniques. It should be best for use on any occasion and any dressing, depending on your style. 

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Your extensions should not be heavier or lighter on the head. It should fall under the standard weight, which approximates to 100 grams. Anything heavier will cause discomfort in the head, while the lighter ones may mean something wrong with the quality. It is essential to ask for weighing the extensions before buying to ensure you are getting the right thing. A typical head will take two to three bundles, but you can take more depending on your style.

Hair extensions have become a game-changer in women’s appearances. It has allowed them to recreate themselves and look more beautiful, happy, and content. While you can buy many brands of extensions, you need to be very careful about the type. Some will cause more harm than good. You can use the above factors and others more to come up with the right hair extensions.

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