You don’t have to be a ‘pants’ person before realizing how important it is to have several basic styles in your wardrobe to ensure that you’re covered. Irrespective of the occasion or situation, there’s a pant for everything – whether it is work, an event, errand run, etc. So, you can feel comfortable knowing that you can skip your dress or skirt without having to worry about if an outfit goes with another. From the office trouser to the vintage jeans you rock during the weekends, here are ten modern trouser styles that all women should know and have as part of their fashion wardrobe.


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These trousers come with a tapered silhouette and mostly gather at the ankle. It is a hybrid of straight-legged and skinny pants. This trouser generally looks flattering on people irrespective of their body shape and height. To effectively rock this trouser, you need to get the right type of footwear as the trousers to emphasize your footwear. Wearing footwear with a little height is best with tapered pants. 

Wide leg 

Wide-legged trousers are made to billow just at the bottom. There are two types to this. The trouser might be a loose fit throughout, or it is fitted at the thigh and the waist. In order to balance the heavy bottom half, a cropped shirt is appropriate, or tuck in any top you’re wearing into the waistband so that it looks well proportioned. Wide-legged trousers often work well when paired with a heel.

Printed trouser style

Printed trousers are probably every girl’s favorite trouser style. It’s quite common but still very classy. Most times, ladies tend to wear solid colors in the downward part while keeping the top patterned. However, in this case, you’re switching things up and turning it the other way. There are famous patterns like plaids or stripes, which are chic options, or you could go for something a little more adventurous, like tie-die! 


You should try out a leather trouser if you haven’t already. They are trendy trousers, and it’s sure going to be one of your favorite pants to put on. The rise of tailored looks is one of the reasons why leather trousers are in vogue. You should try out supple faux, high waist fit leather pants.


This is a very fitting trouser for the winter month. You’ll love this trouser style because of the warmth it provides you even in low temperatures and the timeless look. Although wool trousers mostly appear to have the vibe of menswear, it works very well for females too. You’ll love it if you pair these wool pants with a classic piece such as a button-up shirt or even a blazer. 

Jogger Trouser Style

It is easy and understandable to think that joggers are for lounging. However, designers have turned things around and have made it such that they are now appropriate for workplace dressing and other occasions. Details such as the silky fabrication, ankle knots, and belted waist give the joggers trousers a more elevated and modern feel. You can compete in the dress with pointed top pumps and a blouse. 

Palazzo Trouser Style 

There’s no way that you will go wrong with a palazzo trouser because these are fashionable pants. Palazzos are also quite airy, but when they are well-tailored (than the average palazzo are), then you could wear it to your office coupled with a fitted shirt. Palazzos also go well with stilettos and pumps. 

Boyfriend Jeans 

These pants are a must-have as they give you that extra edge in your appearance. Your legs have more breathing space for your daily routine, unlike with tight jeans and tailored trousers. If you want to dress casually, you can pair them with flats but wearing them with heels gives you a more sexy touch. 

Tailored Trousers 

These are a typical pair of pants as they are like the standard office trouser. This is what you wear to your work or other formal events. They are well-fitted trousers and always come off as beautiful on your body. However, you have to keep them well-pressed at all times. That’s where the beauty lies. 

Cropped Trousers

This is the kind of trousers that bring out the beauty of your blouse. Cropped trousers are suitable for all body shapes and types. You could wear them to appear casual or formal depending on the look you pair it with.

There are different types of modern trousers that women should know of and rock. These are only a few of them, but there are others. Some of the others include jumpsuits, chinos, leggings, sailor pants, etc. There are many options, so there’s no excuse not to look stunning in any of the pants trousers you choose to wear!

Author’s Bio: Joe McLean is a young and passionate fashion lover. His love for it began from writing the fashion reviews to Write My Essay and while working with paper writing service reviews. Today he plans to move to Europe to visit fashion shows and many boutiques there because he also works as a model. Please contact him on Facebook.

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