It is easy to get caught up in vacation planning. Dreaming of hours spent lazing around doing nothing at all on sun-drenched beaches. Exciting adventures in exotic locations, or just the prospect of a break from daily life, it is easy to forget the more mundane parts of organizing your trip.

But good packing is the key to any successful adventure and a vacation to the Caribbean is no exception! If you pack properly, all your vacation experiences will be that much better and the whole trip will fly by smoothly and easily. So to help you get started, take a look below at the ultimate cruise packing list for the Caribbean and start planning your break today!

What to pack for a Caribbean vacation


As you might have heard, the Caribbean is warm. So loose-fitting, airy clothes that give you room to breathe are the order of the day. Make sure you pack enough shorts, skirts, t-shirts, and blouses or short-sleeved shirts to see you through the trip. A light shawl or a long-sleeve t-shirt can be a great option if the evenings feel chilly. And of course, don’t forget your bathing suit!


Choosing the right shoes for a Caribbean vacation can be uniquely tricky and it really all depends on what sort of vacation you like. If you tend to stay on the beach, worshipping the sun and enjoying the sound of the waves lapping the shore, then you won’t need much more than flip-flops, sandals, and some slip-ons for the evening.

If you are more adventurous, you might need walking boots for a trek further around the island. Don’t forget that you will need decent, comfortable shoes for traveling as well and it can get chilly on the plane!


All your usual travel toiletries are a must, of course, but don’t forget sunscreen and bug spray for the twin evils of sunburn and mosquitoes! Some aloe vera lotion is also a great idea, just in case you stay in the sun too long!


It is worth considering your luggage itself when traveling to the Caribbean. If you are planning to stay in one resort or hotel, and not go island-hopping, then a classic hard-sided, four-wheeled suitcase is perfect. If you are planning to go anywhere that requires a boat transfer, however, it might be worth investing in a waterproof duffel or something similar.

Careful packing can make or break a, so ensure your Caribbean trip is a dream and plan ahead!