For many women, their idea of a great weekend is heading to the shops with friends and shopping until you drop. Add to this finding the perfect pair of shoes that’s best shoes for standing all day to go with your favourite going-out outfit; what more could you want? During the age of online shopping and a pandemic, however,  these experiences seem like a lifetime ago. While it may be some time yet until we can experience fun-filled weekend trips to the shops without a care in the world, they are certainly something that we can begin to look forward to experiencing once again soon. We are confident that many of you reading this have spent the numerous lockdowns we have endured doing a spot of online shopping; how else are you going to keep up with the ever-changing trends? 

If you are in this position, you may be one of many of us who have bought shoes online  and received something that you weren’t quite hoping for. While this has happened to some of us, there are ways that you can get it right the first time if you are venturing into the online shopping world. We have compiled a helpful list below of ways to help you when buying shoes online. Read on for more! 

Browsing the Selections

There are so many different styles of shoes out there, and that is a perfectly good reason to spend some time checking out all the different items that are available out there. By researching the types of shoes that you want, and how affordable they are, allows you to understand whether you can purchase them or not. Furthermore, most of the shoes that are on the market are available in many different outlets and websites. Make sure to look out for websites that offer sign-up discounts and those providing loyal customers with regular discounts too. 

Selecting the Correct Size:

This is where things can get a bit tricky when purchasing shoes online; you don’t have the opportunity to try them on as you would in the shop until they have arrived. For the most part, online shops provide their customers with sizing guides, and it is essential that you consult these when purchasing shoes online. Particularly for shoes like boots and other constrictive items on your ankles and calves, you may want to size up; you don’t want to give yourself blisters from ill-fitting shoes! Once you have found the shoe size that fits you best, you are free to explore the available ranges and add items to your virtual basket!

Other Factors to Remember

When buying shoes, most people have a reason behind their purchases. Are you updating your wardrobe as we enter a new season? Are you replacing a pair of shoes that have been worn frequently, and subsequently, worn down? Are you merely treating yourself to a new pair because you feel like it? Whether you have a reason for buying shoes or are doing it for the hell of it, you will want to consider the practicality behind the shoe purchase. You don’t want to be buying sandals in the middle of winter, or you will have months to wait before you can buy your new purchase! However, if you are in search of shoes in preparation for a holiday to get some well-earned summer sun, companies like Blue Bungalow provide an excellent range of sandals and other ladies’ shoes suitable for the beach.

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Being Alert to the Shipping Costs

Particularly if you are purchasing a special edition pair of shoes or are buying shoes from an international company, you will want to be aware of the shipping costs that will be accrued alongside your purchase. The more experienced online shoppers among us probably factor the shipping costs into their proposed spending costs. Still, for the first-time online shoppers, this is something that they probably have not thought of but is something that must be remembered. You don’t want to get to the checkout to be met with a nasty, unexpected charge! 

Waiting Around

This is something that we have become accustomed to in the world of online shopping and is something that you will be doing a lot of when buying shoes online. If you have purchased something from an international company, you should expect a slightly further delay than if you were to purchase something from a nationally based business; naturally, there is a more considerable distance to cover, so make sure to be patient!

What’s more, you don’t want to worry about finding something that does not suit you! With style trends changing and becoming more accepting, we are confident that you will rock whatever shoes you decide on. While it is natural to worry about what you look like, we think you look fantastic. 

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