By Michele Smith
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A day in the life of a model is busy, busy, and busier. From sun up to sundown a majority of the time, it is all about multiple appointments – casting calls and interviews, and simply just running around from point A to point B (and, C & D for that matter). What is a model to wear when it comes to shoes? Well, being that I am in the modeling industry, I can clearly speak to what is trendy and practical to get through your day, as well as staying fashionable at the same time.

I start my day with an exercise routine, so my every day routine starts with my cross trainers. I love my Nike’s because not only are cross trainers versatile for a variety of exercise routines, but are great to travel with as well. I never quite know what to expect when I travel on assignment when the hotel website says they have a “gym”. According to some places I have stayed, a gym can be one exercise bike, elliptical, etc., while others can be a full-blown spa. Either way, it is great to bring a versatile athletic shoe while out on the road, so if I have to hit the pavement running when the only exercise bike is not working; the problem is solved as a still get my work out in.

Comfortable shoes (and sometimes I throw my tennis shoes in a bag for in-between meetings) are key. I never know when my schedule is going to change and running around in platform heels up and down steep city streets is not conducive to a successful appointment. In addition, if you cannot walk you are going to be late and missing appointments equal missing a job. This is crucial for any model and even more especially if you are just getting into the modeling industry. The last thing that you want to have is a reputation for missing appointments and believe me; all of the industry professionals talk to each other.

I’m always asked what is trending on the runways and in the fashion world now, when it comes to shoes. For most women, it really is all about the shoes, but comfort is key. There are a couple of precautionary steps I take to look fashionable and stay comfortable at the same time. It is key to either practice in heels or have the fashion designers shoes prior to a runway show. First, practice makes perfect and most importantly all eyes are on you when you are running up and down the runway, so you have to be prepared.

If you do not have this opportunity and have to wear the shoes the day of the show, be sure to bring a comfortable pair of heels to wear to the after-party. Yes, sometimes that is the last thing I want to do when my feet hurt after a show, but it is important for networking purposes (a.k.a. future bookings). What is trending right now? I personally like Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein, as they have everything from fashionable sneakers and pumps.