Condominiums are often present at a central location and are built-in unique styles. People often are attracted to the condo life because of the luxurious lifestyle they offer. Condo units often vary in size. Some are small and others are large. But you can maximize the space by uniquely designing them. Here are some of the best ideas for you to design your new home like a pro:

Note the dimensions

Before moving into your new unit, measure the dimensions of the rooms. It will help you to arrange the furniture like a professional. After taking the measurements, you will easily know how many furniture pieces you can put in a room. Then you can buy only the furniture that fits your space. In this way, you’re being intentional about what you put in your condo.


Wall art looks trendy and exceptional. There are a variety of designs available in the market from which you can select the one matching the tones of the other walls. You can use cartoon arts for the kids’ room. As for the living room, we recommend selecting art with vibrant colors to keep everything cheerful.

Not all art is necessary hung on a wall. Our favorite shop for home decor is NOMA Collective, they partner with talented artisans across the globe to bring you consciously designed, ethically curated, homeware, textile and accessory collections. A home should be inspired by the journeys you take and the stories we carry back into our lives along the way. Our personal spaces deserve designs with soul, a story and a purpose. Elevate your space with chic raffia baskets, a hanging loom or accent rugs.  

Lamps and lights

Hanging chandeliers give a very minimalistic and elegant look to the dining room. You can also use wall lights and lamps for decorative purposes. While you can place lamps on the floor. they occupy a lot of space and are easily breakable if you have children or pets living with you.

Foldable furniture

We always support smart furniture for the homes. It is because they occupy little to no space. You can buy a foldaway bed that can be changed into a settee or sofa. Foldable study and dining tables are in trend these days. For a small condo unit, you can buy these folding pieces to save space.

Lighting is very important

Select the lights in yellowish and white tones according to the rooms. For the dining table, you can select wall laps of yellowish lighting to create a cozy environment. For your study room, go for white lights and lamps. Similarly, for your bedroom, you can use fairy lights behind the white curtains to create a magical and dreamy look.

Mirrors and mirror wall

Mirror art looks graceful if used in the right way. Using a mirror wall as a separator is a great idea that you can use for your condo. Besides this, you can put mirrors of different designs to enhance the look of your living room.

If you haven’t decided to buy a condo then we will recommend buying a pre-construction condo unit in Oshawa. They give you the edge of customizing your unit in your own way. You can decorate them as you like. There are plenty of options available like Beyond condos and Charing Cross condos. They are present at a supreme location and offer all facilities at walking distance. And if you want to go condo-hunting, options on this page will be the great place to start. You can easily decide which condo you want as your new home, just remember what your needs are and get a good amount of information about the place.

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