By Calynn M. Lawrence

If you don’t know who Mark Schwartz is, then you need to! He is a foot wear phenom, a celebrity fashion designer and incredible visual artist. Best of all he is a Fresh Faces Project partner with my non for profit, designed to help all walks of aspiring talent. Check out my blog for more information.

So what’s so special about him? Well, let’s begin with the fact he has been creating and comprising some of the most artistically innovative shoe designs and foot wear that the world has ever seen for well over three decades! If you ask him why his passion is foot wear, he can tell you that he believes shoes are an accessory that he considers to be “the most artistic and important.” Fashion models have stomped the stage in his work throughout the fashion capitals of the world including Paris, Milan and New York. This is in addition to his various appearances across some of the best industry rags and publications such as as W, Elle and Vogue plus many more. If that was not impressive enough, this modern day mogul spends half of his life in the most romantic city on the planet! You guessed it. ITALY! This is where Schwartz comes up with some of his best work. Not only does work for the purpose of artistic expression but some of his services for every day clients include sourcing,private label design, last making, heel making as well as full design.

Mark’s beginning is even more impressive than his present day prominence in the arts and fashion industry! He got his start in the industry in his early twenties back in the 1980’s. He had a long term job with Roger Vivier, a shoe design master. According to his LinkedIn profile, “Schwartz was hand picked by Vivier to be his assistant in design, after 2 years Schwartz was promoted to Creative Director of Roger Vivier International and was responsible along with Vivier for many of the eclectic shoes that Vivier was designing in that period, many long days drawing with Vivier and falling asleep at his desk , only to wake up amongst sketches and ideas for the next Roger Vivier collection.”

mark schwartz
mark schwartz
mark schwartz
mark schwartz

With such an honorable reputation for great work and breathe taking results, he was introduced to the culture conceptual legend, Andy Warhol through Roger Vivier. He mentored Schwartz for approximately 4 years before his passing. Not only did he give him creative enlightenment but he guided him to the point of creating actual art work and paintings based off of his foot wear designs! And, as you can see in the pictures below, his work is eye catching.

It is quite obvious that Mr. Mark Schwartz is a very successful individual not only in fashion but in his art! It is amazing for me to be able to say that he is very humble despite this fact! His use of saturated color, high contrast and high fashion are more than visually pleasing! No wonder his celebrity client lists includes such A listers like Oprah , Madonna, Katie Couric, Angelica Huston, Sharon Stone , Wendy Williams, Lady Gaga , Ralph Lauren , Balenciaga , Gucci, Jean Claude Jitrois, Calvin Klein , Richard Tyler, Mark Eisen , Balenciaga , Gucci , Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. These are only a few!

So, what’s he been up to lately? First and foremost, he is hosting a fashion design class that is an amazing opportunity for anybody who is looking to hone their skills and get the chance to study under a fashion mogul as well as other celebrity instructors who will be assisting him! The class is located in Italy, one of the fashion capitols of the world and gives you the opportunity to gain great portfolio work, talent, connections and a mini vacation! All for a reasonable price. This class could be the thing to skyrocket your fashion business or simply give you an opportunity to excel.

Also, Mr. Schwartz is inviting all creative bloggers for an opportunity to work in collaboration with him and The Fresh Faces Project! We are searching for those who have a passion for art, fashion and/or social media to share your thoughts on his work and gain cross promotion from us! You also will be automatically eligible for a spotlight feature on my blog as a Fresh Faces Participant. I mean, how awesome would that be to say that you got to not only work with someone of his caliber but you got a spotlight feature on a long standing fashion-media blog as well! We are looking for bloggers with good work ethic and artistic ability, you do not have to have a million followers, as long as your work is good. For more information, check out my blog below!