Oval-cut diamonds are increasing in popularity among brides all over the world. This cut is very flattering and elegant and looks beautiful on just about every woman’s hand. When purchasing an oval-cut diamond, there are five key aspects that should be noted. With this guide, buyers will be prepared to go and make their diamond purchase. 

Five Key Aspects to Note When Purchasing an Oval-Cut Diamond

Oval-cut diamonds are beautiful and allow for a great amount of sparkle. Visiting IsraelDiamond.com allows individuals to look through the wide selection of oval-cut diamonds at their leisure. The following are some key aspects individuals should consider when purchasing an oval-cut diamond. 

1. Diamond Cut

The diamond cut is one of the most important features to consider when purchasing any diamond ring, but especially an oval-cut. It is important to note that an oval-cut diamond does not get a GIA rating because of its shape. It is important to look for smooth, rounded edges. There should be no sharp points.

2. Ratio

The ratio is also an important aspect to consider. In the past, oval-cut diamonds were wider than taller. Today, styles are changing and these diamonds are being cut to be taller than wider so they look more narrow on the finger.

3. Color

Color is the next aspect that needs to be considered before making a diamond purchase. The cut of an oval diamond tends to reveal flaws in color more than some other cuts. Diamond colors range from D to Z, with D being completely clear.

4. Clarity

Clarity is also an essential factor that needs to be noted regarding an oval-cut diamond. Although clarity is not as important a consideration with oval cuts, it is still important to check to ensure the diamond is not full of inclusions.

5. Bow Tie Effect

Individuals also need to check the bow-tie effect. Every oval diamond is going to have some degree of bow-tie effect. Diamonds that are deeply cut will have less of a bow-tie effect.

Purchase From a Reputable Jeweler

Aside from the above, it is highly important a person purchases from a reputable dealer. Individuals should take time to learn as much as possible about a dealer and their reputation before they purchase any diamond. The more a person knows, the better equipped they will be to make the right diamond purchase. 

Should You Choose an Oval-Cut Diamond?

Many women love oval-cut diamonds because they offer a subtle slimming look by making the finger look elongated. This fancy-cut diamond is sparkling and offers a fire deep within. With its generous finger coverage and beauty, it is no wonder why so many women are making this cut their forever diamond. 

Purchasing a unique oval-cut diamond is a solid way to invest in jewelry. This diamond stands out from the rest and minor flaws are well hidden within the cut. It is important to carefully inspect each diamond for the key aspects above. The diamond needs to offer a glowing beauty and a sentimental touch that will warm the heart of the receiver. 

Oval-cut diamonds are growing in popularity. They make a beautiful wedding set, which is one of the primary reasons so many women seek them. With so many beautiful diamonds to choose from, it can be difficult to discover the right one. When you see it, you will know because it will speak to you. Now is a perfect time to get started on finding a beautiful oval-cut diamond to add to your collection.