It’s finally time for your big vacation and everything is ready to go — except you still have to pack your bags. Packing can be the “storm before the calm” of a relaxing getaway, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are some helpful hints for packing the best outfits for your next vacation.

Make a Plan

Before you even get your suitcase out, you should have an idea about what you’re going to pack. This means that you should decide on what kind of vibe or aesthetic you want to go for with your outfits. Do you want to look formal or professional while you’re on vacation? Or is comfort the key factor for every outfit? What will the weather be like where you’re traveling? Are there specific events or destinations that require a certain style of dress? The secret to great outfits is putting the right pieces in the right context. Think about each day of your vacation, and decide what kind of clothes suit the adventure you have planned for that day. Then, make a list with possible outfit combinations. This list is a good first step and can give you an idea about what to pack before you start that process.

Don’t Overpack

One of the keys to packing perfectly for vacation is to know when to stop. Just because you have a lot of space in your bags doesn’t mean that you have to use all of it. It’s better to pack exactly what you need and nothing else. After all, you need to have space for souvenirs and gifts for grandma on your way back from vacation. And even though it may seem like having more options during your trip would be less stressful, the opposite is actually true. People who pack a lot of clothes on vacation often find that they don’t wear everything that they’ve brought. So, you should pack only your favorite and most appropriate outfits when you’re traveling.

Choose a Color Scheme

One of the best ways to avoid overpacking and to make the best use of all of your vacation outfits is to stick to one color scheme. This way, all of your pieces coordinate with each other and you’re free to mix and match throughout the trip. Your options get a lot wider without having to pack extra clothes. Before you go, check out pictures of your perfect vacation destination online and get a feel for the palette of the place where you’re going. Then, you can coordinate your color scheme with the local flair of the destination. This is great for packing, but it also adds an extra level of excellence to your photos and social media posts throughout the trip.

Remember, when you’re choosing outfits for your vacation, you should pack smarter instead of packing more. By making a plan, limiting the number of pieces that you bring, and committing to a color scheme that makes mixing and matching a breeze, you’ll be sure to have something chic to wear on every day of your trip.