Whether you’re wearing a luxury or a regular watch, it’s important to keep them in their best condition and to know how to wear them properly. Their price might not increase over time, but the value they add to your life cannot be measured by money. In pursuit of this, we wrote this article to help you out.

Over time, you will come to realize that your wristwatch is not only used to tell the time. It becomes an extension of your personality, and you will build some of your memories around it or while wearing it. For this reason, you want to make sure your wristwatch lasts for as long as it can. The maintenance tips below will help you with that.


Always take the time to clean your watch. While regularly wiping it with a cloth before and after use is beneficial, it is also important to provide it with a deep clean every two months. To do this, first, soak a cleaning cloth in water mixed with soap. Then, gently wipe over the surface of the crystal, the bezel, and the strap. Using a Q-tip to loosen the dirt that might have stuck to the tight spaces of the watch would also be helpful.


You also need to have your watch serviced every few years. The frequency would depend on the type of watch you have. Mechanical watches often need servicing every couple of years, while Quartz watches every five years. This will ensure your wristwatch has not suffered any damage, and parts that have fallen victim to the usual wear and tear can be replaced.


This is a very important task you need to accomplish. Make sure you have proper storage for your wristwatch. Otherwise, leaving it exposed to the sun or near various chemicals might ruin its mechanism. Furthermore, dust and dirt can get into the gears if it’s not stored properly, and these will cause your wristwatch to malfunction. Having a dedicated watch storage is ideal, but if you don’t have one, the box or packaging your wristwatch came with should suffice.

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Be Careful of the Crystal

This goes without saying, but it’s important to mention it over and over again. Be careful of the watch, especially the crystal. If this part breaks, the multiple components of the watch will be exposed to the various elements in your immediate surroundings that may destroy it. Make sure you have a firm grip on the watch and that you are standing or sitting on a soft surface whenever you’re taking it off or wearing it. One major fall can easily cause the crystal to break apart.

Mistakes of Wearing a Wristwatch

Aside from properly maintaining it, putting your wristwatch to good use means knowing how to wear it. This is more about fashion than it is about technicality. You wouldn’t be able to maximize the full potential of your wristwatch if it doesn’t compliment your outfit. That being said, here are some mistakes you need to avoid when wearing your wristwatch.

Wrong Size

One of the most common horrors in the horological world is to see people wearing the wrong size of a watch. Something that is too small will only make your wrist look bigger, while something too big would take all the attention away from your outfit and onto your oversized wristwatch. Unfortunately, it’s not the good kind of attention you want. As such, always assess the size of your wrist and pick a watch that fits accordingly.

Casual on Formal

Another big mistake in wearing wristwatches is to wear a casual watch on formal occasions. Generally, you should have at least two types of watch: one for everyday use, like going to the supermarket or hanging out with friends, and another for occasional use, such as during family gatherings or weddings. Make sure that you don’t wear any other accessories when you use your formal wristwatch to highlight its features. On the other hand, you can be playful with casual wristwatches and wear bracelets or rings that can be stacked to extend your fashion statement.

Dress Watch in Physical Activity

If you’re going to undertake physical activity, refrain from wearing a dress watch. As we have mentioned earlier, these are intended to complement your fashion style and not for functionality. Furthermore, some dress watches are made with stainless steel straps, and that can be quite an inconvenience when you engage in physical activity. Not to mention, it can also cause bruises or scratches on your wrist and arm.

Your fashion statement is a form of self-expression. While dressing up in fancy or unique clothes are stylish on their own, your wristwatch will also say a lot about you. Make sure that you know how to maintain and wear them to maximize their fashionable potential.

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