The summer of 2021 will be remembered as the end of the pandemic, a time when we all searched through our wardrobe for trendy clothing and accessories. The current global trend for physical fitness has seen gyms and fitness centres springing up everywhere, as people look to hone their muscles and live a healthy lifestyle and if you want to look good this summer, here are a few tips.

Bright Colours

2021 is the year of rich and bright colours, with pinks and neon greens, much like Decathlon’s running shoes, which are very affordable. Hair ties and sweat bands allow you to inject some brightness to your look and a few highlights would work wonders with any look.

Shop Online

When buying clothes, fashion accessories and make-up, you get the best deals from the online supplier and shopping online allows you to go at your own pace, plus you can easily compare prices and products, thanks to Google’s amazing search engine! There are some unique online boutiques where you can find designer garments at trade prices; all it takes is a little searching to find these amazing bargains. Click here for tips on how to shop online safely.

Designer Masks

If people are still wearing facemasks, why not have a few made for you by a local seamstress? Failing that, search online for a long list of PPE suppliers and you will find suitable designs to complement your outfits. Let’s hope that 2021 is the year to see the end of the pandemic and you can store your masks until we have the next outbreak!

Layered Jewellery

This is still in trend, so check your jewellery box to see what you have; The online silver jewellery store has hundreds of designs of bracelets and necklaces and by choosing suitable lengths, you can layer at will. Chunky silver jewellery is real bling and it goes well with tanned skin and denim, which is never out of fashion. If you want some great jewellery, check out Aura Diamonds.


Of course, you want functionality, and the traditional shoulder bag is always a great addition to your bag collection. For the businesswoman, there is a nice flat fold bag that stores your iPad, along with your smartphone. Leather and designer made, a chic, over-the-shoulder IT bag is perfect for those coffee shop meetings and your valuable devices are always protected.

Aside from formal events, a few pairs of designer trainers will ensure you look good, look for bright colours to go with that light pink track suit; running shoes are in this year, so check online for the best deals on brand names. Business brogues (real leather) are perfect for the meetings and regarding evening wear, whatever you feel good in.

Online shopping is the only way to go when looking for designer clothing and Google is your best friend when it comes to souring online products and can help you find end-of-stock deals that really do save you money!