Summer is in full swing, and after a year of being in sweatpants, you might not have any idea what to wear now that life is returning to normal and getting out there is back on the table. Luckily, you might not have to change much, but you may need a little bit of inspiration and guidance. Here’s a look at the hottest summer fashion trends for men in 2021 you should consider. 

Oversized Tees

Shirts have gone through a dramatic trend that you might have noticed already. Tees are now moving away from the slim fit to something a little bit more relaxed, with an oversized look that was popular decades ago. The oversized T-shirt is also popular right now because vintage graphic T-shirts are really in, and the fit for that clothing is more in line with the looser fit. An oversized tee should still fit you well and not surpass the groin region in length. Typically, the extra room in a loose-fitting tee will be in the arm and stomach area. And when you do it well, it looks great.

The Right Shorts

You’ll probably be wearing plenty of shorts this summer, but it’s always tough to nail down which inseam is right because it’s always changing. In 2021, it seems like the shorter they are, the better. However, if you aren’t comfortable with going too short, the best rule of thumb is to wear something that hits at least above your knee. Like T-shirts, shorts are also becoming far more casual. Not only can you wear something bold with plenty of personality, but you can also hold onto your athletic shorts because those are also in line with what’s hot right now. You can also save on trendy items in other ways.

White Sneakers

We now move down to what goes on your feet. The big trend right now is also in the realm of vintage, with bulky gym shoes making a comeback—but you don’t have to go that far. For a safer option that looks incredibly clean, go with white sneakers like the Stan Smith from Adidas or the Blazer and Killshot from Nike.

Those are some of the hottest summer fashion trends for men in 2021. Keep in mind that men’s style is bolder and more flexible than ever before, so you can get away with some experimentation and shouldn’t let others dictate what you wear.