Buying clothes can be an expensive experience for most of us, particularly those who are also shopping for their families. We all want and deserve to freshen up our wardrobes a little bit without having to break the bank! Besides, a shopping trip can be just the experience you need to lighten up during these uncertain times. This post is going to explore 8 smart ways to allow you to save when it comes to clothing.

Shop Off Season

This is classic money saving idea when it comes to cloth shopping. Do not wait for the summer to buy swimsuits! The best time to buy swimming gear is when summer is winding down as clothing stores are trying to shift all the products that they didn’t sell. Instead of throwing them away, they tend to sell these items at discount rates to make sure that they go. The tactic of shopping off-season can be done all year round, and there is no better time to buy a Christmas jumper than after Christmas the next day! This may sound pointless, but you will be grateful when the following Christmas arrives and you already stocked up on the jumpers. 

Repair And Restitch

It won’t hurt you to get familiar with some basic sewing methods as sometimes accidents happen. Especially if you have children, they will be ripping their clothes for years to come. Instead of going out to the shops to replace that item of clothing that got torn, try stitching it up yourself. There are several basic hand stitching methods you can master that might just end up saving you a lot of money.  

Making repairs in your clothes can be as subtle or as obvious as you like! Some people find it to be trendy and vintage to use patches that do not necessarily match the fabric that they are repairing. So you can have fun with this and experiment a little!

Use Coupons And Cash Back

Not everyone is familiar with this money-saving hack, but it is worth getting to grips with. There are lots of affordable fashion lines out there such as Zaful and Shine, but if you go to this page, you will have access to tonnes of coupons that will make those already low prices drop even further. There is also the option to sign up and get instant cashback. Using coupons and vouchers, in general, will save you a lot of money and allow you to get more clothing items that you usually would be able to buy in your standard clothing store. 

Use Promotion Code Finders

Another tactical way to make sure you are getting the most out of your money is to use promotion code finders such as Honey, Finder and more! These websites find the promotion codes for you and simply apply them to your checkout, wherever you are shopping! It saves you searching endlessly for codes and saves you money too! It’s a win-win situation. 

However, do not expect to find promotion codes every time, as sometimes there are not any available. Also, you should have realistic expectations regarding the discount you are going to get. It is very rarely going to be big amounts, however, over time you will save bit by bit and these will add up to significant savings. 

Explore Thrift Shops

Thrift shops and charity shops are great places to go when doing some bargain hunting. Some people are put off by the idea as they think the clothes will be old or damaged, however, if you take the time to search properly and hit the right shops then you will find some great options. It can be hard to be patient when bargain hunting, but it can certainly pay off when you find some designer gear at half the price. 

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Shop At Discount Stores

Many big retail stores offer discounts you are unlikely to come across in your standard store. Discount stores such as TK Maxx sell products that are out of season/ were not able to sell in another store. Thankfully for us, that means these products are sold at much lower prices. The catch is that you will probably spend more time shopping around and weaving through different racks. There tends to be less choice when it comes to sizing, but when you do end up finding your size it’s a big win!

Take Proper Care Of Your Clothes

To make sure that your clothes last you should take proper care of them and pay attention to the care instruction label. If it tells you to wash it at 30C then do it! A common mistake that people make is putting things in the tumble dryer when their instructions say not to. It will cause your clothes to shrink and will reduce the fabric’s quality over time. Ultimately, the instructions are there for a reason, and you would be surprised at how much longer clothes can last with the right care. 

Sell What You Don’t Wear

As time passes and seasons change, so does our taste in clothing. Sometimes we outgrow clothes physically and emotionally! When you stop wearing certain items, if they are in good enough condition, you should sell them. It doesn’t have to be for extortionate amounts, but every little bit earned can go towards the next set of clothes you buy. It can be hard to part way with our clothes but there are lots of helpful tips out there for cleaning out your closet. The plus side is that there are several easy ways to sell online now, for instance, via Facebook MarketPlace, Depop and eBay. The best way to increase your chances of making a sell by taking high-quality photos and uploading them across a few sites. Remember to sell at a reasonable price, otherwise, customers will scroll right past your items. 

We all can benefit from saving a bit of extra cash here and there, and these 8 easy tips will help you do just that!