When we talk about hair we are usually focused on the hair on top of your head. For most people it is their crowning achievement, glowing, well-styled, healthy-looking hair inspires confidence and makes you feel good about yourself. 

But, what happens when your regular visit to the hairdresser goes wrong? You are suddenly faced with hair that is too short and you’re going to want to know how long it takes to grow out. 

The simplest answer is that the hair on your head is known to grow between 0.6 cm and 3.36 cm per month. The exact speed at which your hair grows will depend on your age, ethnicity, and even your sex. You can’t control those factors, but there are other things you can do to ensure your hair is at the top end of the growth scale.

The Right products

It sounds obvious and it is. However, the right products make a huge difference to the health of your hair. High-quality chemical-free products, such as the Purple shampoo range, will look after your hair, ensuring it stays moist and protected. Cheaper products with harsh chemicals will strip the moisture protection and goodness from your hair, making it much harder for it to grow.

In short, healthy hair grows faster.

Inversion Technique

This technique has been used for many years and a lot of people incorporate it into their daily routine without even realizing it speeds up hair growth. The inversion technique involves inverting your head! 

The best approach is to massage some oil into your head, ideally coconut oil or argan. You can then sit down and bend your head so that your hair is facing the ground. Ideally, your head will be between your knees. Continue massaging your scalp for four minutes as you invert your head. 

If you feel lightheaded during this immediately sit up and allow yourself to recover. It means you may faint, remaining seated is a good idea. 

Once you have completed the four minutes simply wash out the oil. Opinions are split regarding how often this should be done. Some say you should do this every day for a week and then have three weeks off. Others say that it is good if done every 3-4 days. To find out what works for you it is best to do a little trial and error.

The stimulation of the scalp encourages blood flow to your head. This brings the nutrients your hair needs and encourages it to grow. 

Eat protein

Your hair is mainly protein. This means you need to give your hair plenty of protein to keep it healthy. You can do this by thinking about the foods you eat. Choosing things that are high in protein will help your hair to grow faster and look fantastic.


Don’t forget that your hair needs to be hydrated. The natural oil on your head coats the hair and helps it to retain water. However, you need to give it water for this to work effectively.  Try carrying a bottle with you and sipping regularly.

That’s it, keep your hair healthy and it will grow faster.