Healthy Hair Can Boost Your Self Confidence

If there is one thing that can help you appear neat and clean and boost your confidence too, it is healthy hair. A good mane of hair speaks volumes about your good health. Healthy hair never goes unnoticed and you will always receive a compliment when you sport it nicely. 

Hair damage is a very common problem nowadays. Right from exposing your hair to bad weather conditions, to an unhealthy lifestyle, there are many factors that can cause your hair to be weak and break easily.Here are 4 hair essentials that can help prevent damage to your hair.

hair to hold a curl

Hair Wash

Hair wash is not only the process of quickly shampooing it with whatever comes in your hand and be done with it. You can take a few steps to make your hair wash process better. Start with installing a water filter in your shower. This can help remove any trace of chlorine or bacterias that often cause hair loss. Washing your hair is mandatory to keep your hair and scalp clean and prevent any chances of infection. At the same time, you must not wash your hair too often as that will dry out the natural oils. Use good quality serums, hair masks, and oils to do hair treatments before you wash it. Follow up with a moisture-rich conditioner so your hair is smooth and tangle-free. This will prevent it from breaking as you won’t have to brush it as much. 

Hair Care Products

Using the right hair care products is another essential element that can prevent hair damage. When you chemically treat your hair often like using Keratine to straighten your hair, you strip your hair of its natural oil. This makes them dry and easily prone to breaking. Choose shampoos and conditioners which are more natural. Also use essential oils like Argan, coconut, or almonds which are rich in acids and vitamins for hair oil treatments. This changes your hair texture from dry and frizzy to softer, shinier, and manageable. It reduces breakage and promotes hair growth. You can warm up any of these oils and massage your scalp for a bit. Leave it on for an hour and wash it. It is recommended to research the different oils available to choose one that best suits your hair. 

Qualities to Look For When Buying Hair Extensions

Hair Styling Equipment

Your comb, hairbrush, clips, and rubber bands may be causing your hair more damage than you think. Switch to more hair-friendly styling equipment when choosing hair ties, styling devices, or hair ornaments. Rubber and elastic bands can not only be uncomfortable when you use them for a ponytail but the pressure may also cause your hair to break. Many a time, headaches are related to tying your hair with tight rubber bands. Using a wide-toothed comb to untangle your hair too can help prevent it from breaking. Comb your hair when they are dry as when they are more prone to breaking when wet.

Healthy Diet

One cannot have a healthy set of hair with a poor diet. By eating lean meats and fish which are rich in proteins, you can reduce your hair loss. Also, add food that is rich in B-12 to promote hair growth. If your protein and iron intake from food are not sufficient you can also look for supplements. Drinking plenty of water every day will help you stay hydrated and allow your hair to grow in a healthy way.

With these four essentials followed consistently, you too can get back your confidence with healthy and lustrous hair to flaunt!