Are you new to skincare and not sure what the dos and don’ts are? Are you following an extensive skincare routine but still aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for?

At this point, almost everyone, both men and women, follows some or other kind of skincare routine since there has been a movement or shift of mind set to live healthy and be healthy. This has also allowed for so many people to understand the importance of looking after, and having, good skin. 

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However, just because you have a skincare routine, doesn’t mean that it is a good one or that is it working for you. You should also be using the best products, and that doesn’t mean they have to be expensive; they can be affordable, like the range of products that sites like MisumiSkincare offers. If you are new to skincare or are not sure of what to do then you might be making a few mistakes. If you would like to have great skin, here are a few skincare mistakes that could be ruining your skin and you should avoid. 

Forgetting to wash before bed

After a long day of working or being at school, maybe you have done some exercise or have been sweating a bit, you face gathers up dirt, grime and just a lot of oils throughout the day. Although you may not be able to see it, it is definitely there and this build up over time can cause really bad acne or even infection.

A great way to avoid this is by washing your face at night before you go to bed. This way you go to bed with a clean and fresh face, and also don’t transfer any of the gross stuff on to your pillow. 

Not changing your skincare product

So often people think that if they have acne and they get a moisturizer or cleanser that burns a little bit it means its working at getting rid of the acne. This is not the case at all. Skincare should not be irritating you skin whatsoever and you should not be okay with sensations such as burning, itching or redness. If you notice any of these you should either consult a dermatologist or simply just change the product you are using until you find one that works well for you without any kind of irritation 

Not using products fast enough

The skin on your face can be very temperamental and can be very uncomfortable if you don’t do your whole routine in a timely manner. There is a 60 second rule when it comes to moisturizing your face after cleansing. This is because all of the natural oils are stripped from your face and leave it completely dry. You want to rehydrate your face in a matter of seconds. It will avoid any risk to dryness or flaking. You don’t want your skin to start feeling tight over your face!

Foods That Help Reduce Acne & Keep Skin Clear

Foods That Help Reduce Acne & Keep Skin Clear

Not knowing your skin type

One of the most apparent things that has been noticed among people trying to sort out their skin or those who are struggling with their skin is that they don’t know their skin type. When it comes to the different skin types, dry, oily, or combination, there are different products that are more suited to each. 

It is so important to know your skin type when choosing your skincare products. Otherwise you won’t get the result you are hoping for.  Worse, your skin may end up even worse. Products designed for oily skin are typically water based in order to not add back any unnecessary oils. Whereas products for dry skin have got extra oils that will hydrate the skin efficiently. 

Exfoliating too much

Exfoliating can feel fantastic.  It can leave your face feeling as soft as ever, making you want to do it every day. But you should try to avoid this. It is recommended to exfoliate a maximum amount of 4 times a week. Any more this this will cause micro tears on the skin.  Over exfoliating most likely lead to unwanted infect on your face or increased risk of skin damage. Exfoliating only a few times a week allows your skin to become revitalized and refreshed without getting damaged or hurt in the process. 

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