Nowadays, leggings have become a woman’s best friend. They’re perfect for working from home, exercising at the gym, or lounging around in bed, among many other activities. And because these products come in a variety of styles, cuts, and fabrics, there’s sure to be a pair for every occasion. It’s no wonder why they’ve fast become a fashion staple in many people’s closets.

If you’re interested in investing in a few pairs of leggings, it’s important to get them in the right size and fit. Otherwise, buying one that’s too small can make you feel extremely uncomfortable, and getting one that’s too big will just be a waste of money. But because these garments are made to stretch, it can be difficult to assess whether they’re ill-fitting or not—that is, if you don’t know what to look for.

Indeed, finding the right leggings is never easy. Having trouble figuring out whether you’re getting ones that fit well? Don’t worry. Before you head out and buy more leggings, here are some signs you should look for to determine if you’ve found the perfect pair:

The Fabric Doesn’t Sag or Stretch Out Too Much

Traditionally, leggings are made using elastic fabrics such as nylon, cotton, or polyester blends. This results in a garment that’s breathable, flexible, and durable. However, some brands may make leggings using lower-quality materials, which not only makes them less stretchable but also means they won’t last as long.

That being said, one way to find out if a pair fits you well is to touch the fabric. How it feels against your hand will give you a basic idea of how the leggings will feel once you have them on. You can test the pair’s elasticity and durability by giving the fabric a light tug. High-quality leggings should be able to retain their shape and form even after you’ve pulled and tugged on them a bit. If you pull at a certain section, only to notice it sag instead of snap back in place, then that pair will likely become too loose with only a few uses.

You can also try walking around while wearing them. Make sure to bend over and do a few squats to test out how they feel with your full range of movement, too. Leggings that fit you properly should amply cover you from your stomach down to your ankles. They also shouldn’t rise up for any reason, even when put through rigorous movement. If your leggings begin to rise up or if your underwear begins to show through the fabric, then your leggings are too small. 

The Fabric Doesn’t Show Signs of Whiskering

Whiskering is another telltale sign that your leggings are too small. This occurs when the material has been stretched to its limits, causing its threads to fray like whiskers. Though it usually happens in the crotch area, it can also occur along the seams of your leggings.

Make sure to examine the leggings you’re trying on for any signs of whiskering. If you find a loose thread or a patch of roughed-up fabric, then you may need to go one size up.

They Don’t Make You Feel Physically Uncomfortable

Putting on leggings that are too small can not only cause physical discomfort but also cause potential health issues. An excessively tight pair can end up acting like compression garments, which can not only hinder your movement but can also prevent proper blood circulation in your legs.

What’s more, excessively tight hosiery can trap heat and moisture, making it a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Tight-fitting garments can also rub against your skin, irritating it and causing painful rashes. If these skin issues are left untreated, they may lead to serious infections.

By contrast, leggings that fit properly should not only allow your skin to breathe but also let you move freely. When you try a pair of leggings on, pay attention to how your legs feel. If they feel clammy, then the leggings may be the wrong size. If you’re struggling to put on and take off any particular pair, that’s another sign that they may be too small for you.

can be quite an ordeal for some women. Despite their name, these garments should never feel too tight when worn. When shopping for your own hosiery, make sure to prioritize comfort above all else. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting a few pairs that look great, you won’t wear them often if they make you feel uncomfortable each time you put them on.

So take the time to do your research and make sure not to rush when trying on leggings at your favorite fashion stores. By doing so, you’ll be sure to find pairs that fit you perfectly and will last for years to come.