Many people are having problems with their hair’s volume. Fortunately, there are various solutions available in the market, such as using volumizing products. But did you know that there are also hairstyles that add more volume to your hair?

Regardless of your hairstyle preference, whether or not you love and embrace frizzy hair, the following volumizing hair styles are worth a try.

Take teasing brushes to your roots to keep your hair uplifted throughout the day. For a 50s-inspired glam, tease the top of your head before you brush your hair back. For more volume, make sure to get the sides, too.

Natural Waves

One of the ways to get voluminous hair is by embracing your hair’s natural texture. Boost your natural waves with a sea salt spray and blow dry them with a diffuser. If your hair is straight, use a wand when adding waves throughout.

Wavy Half-Updo

While the majority of updos emphasize how thin your hair is, the trick might be to give it more definition and texture first. If you prefer a wavy half-updo as your new hairstyle, it’s a great idea to add more waviness or curl to your hair before you tie half of it up. Doing so makes your hair much fuller-looking.

Curtain Bangs

Long bangs, like the trending curtain hairstyle, are another way to make your hair appear thicker. This creates more movement and makes your hair bouncier, rather than having a haircut that’s heavy on the bottom.

Short Layers

Short layers make your hair look more voluminous. The layers can add more body and dimension to your style. Whether you add some layers to your haircut or opt for shag cuts, there are ways to switch up your style to make your hair look more voluminous.

Pixie Cut

If you love short hairstyles, then a pixie cut is a perfect option for you. By keeping your hair’s front section longer, you can add height to your style and make your hair look thick. 

To achieve this hairstyle, use a round brush and blow-dry it after washing your hair. This will help create the amount of volume you want.

Stacked Bob

If you have straight hair and you prefer a short hairstyle, a stacked bob is worth a try. This type of bob is shorter in the back with angles and layers in front. The reason this kind of hairstyle works well is that the angular cut and layers can create more shapes, particularly for straight hair. Such layers to the front can thin down a wider face. In addition, having a hair shorter at the back can create contrast and will help you emphasize the volume.

If you want a stacked bob hairstyle, consider using a hair wax. Doing so adds more texture to the roots and ends of your hair. Just use a pea-sized amount of hair wax and apply it throughout your hair.

Asymmetrical Bob

An angled bob adds shape and body to your hair. Add feathery layers or side-swept bangs for added body and texture. Adding various lengths can also make the style much piercer without compromising the texture.

Even if you have a straight hair, an asymmetrical bob can make your hair voluminous. You can also curl your straight hair to add waves in the middle of your hair strand.

The best thing about the asymmetrical bob is that it won’t only give you ease when styling your hair, but it’ll also make your hair look thicker. Just ensure to apply a heat protectant before you use any hair styling tool.

Long Shag

Messy styles can always look more voluminous than other sleek counterparts. Having texture throughout your hair will keep things visually fuller and wider. The good thing about the long shag hairstyle is the refined layers as it provides a halo effect to this style. Without the existence of clear-cut lines or sharp angles, a long shag haircut makes your fine hair look thicker.

Blunt Bob

One of the best things about opting for a hairstyle like a blunt cut is that it’s great in faking more volume. Also, it adds more texture to your hair. In fact, getting a blunt cut on wavy or curly hair textures let your hair ends sit on top of one another. This instantly provides volume on a straight texture. This effect may still work but it might take more styling to get the same volume.

It’s definitely a challenge for many to maintain a fuller and thicker hair. But once you decide to try the hairstyles above, your hair will surely thank you. 

If you’re confused about which volumizing hairstyle to choose, it’s always wise to ask for help or recommendations from your hairstylist and maintain it by using some volumizing hair products available in the market.