If you’ve recently colored your hair blonde or are someone with naturally light locks looking to upgrade their routine, it’s time to get serious about taking care of your hair. As many have come to love blonde hues for their bright appearance, certain steps can help prolong your color, such as using violet shampoo or color-safe styling products.


Each step of your hair care routine can be optimized to support your blonde locks, like when you cleanse and condition your hair or even start styling. You’re going to need high-quality products and tools, as well as information that can guide you toward maintaining the hair of your dreams. 

Purple Is Your New Best Friend

You might already be familiar with the idea that the color purple can play a key role in your hair care routine. This type of pigment can help you cancel the visibility of more yellow tones because they are contrasting colors that oppose one another on the color wheel, making it a reliable essential for blondes. 

Support Your Color Weekly

On toning days, you want to incorporate a violet shampoo that uses ultra-violet to help your blonde hair appear brighter and lighter. Your toning days are essential for fading the visibility of brassiness to help you prolong cooler tones. Try to find a high-performance formula that only takes a minute to make an impact and can last through multiple washes for easy pairing with your non-toning daily purple shampoo and conditioner.

Cleanse and Condition Daily

Washing your hair is the first step in caring for your blonde locks and should feature a non-toning daily purple conditioner and shampoo. Your cleansing and conditioning products can help support your light strands daily in combination with your weekly toning days. Be sure that the shampoo can cleanse without stripping your hair while the conditioner is rich with vitamins A, C, and E to provide nourishment, hydration, and protection. 

Don’t Forget to Detangle

Once you’ve finished washing your hair with a variety of blonde-focused products, you can deliver additional nutrients to your locks as well as start to detangle them. Consider a versatile formula that can lock in color while also providing instant detangling effects. Be sure it’s rich in proteins to help protect and repair color-treated locks while still being a good solution for all hair types. Protection is essential for blonde hair, natural or not, so look for an award-winning detangling product that also offers UV and thermal protection. 

Protect Your Locks at All Costs 

Whether you’re walking outside or sitting poolside, your blonde locks must be protected so that you can avoid potential damage from the sun or even your hot tools. 

Use a Hair Oil

A high-quality hair oil can be the staple your hair care routine has been needing. Seek out a formula specifically formulated for blonde hair that uses argan oil to combat the visibility of frizz while offering protection from environmental stressors. This hydrating step should easily absorb and help your locks feel soft and smooth as you take on the day with thermal and UV protection.

Prioritize Multipurpose Products 

With blonde hair, you’re going to want to focus on building a diverse product lineup that can go above and beyond. Products like your dry shampoo should be color-safe as well as help you absorb excess oil, neutralize odor, and prolong your time between washes. Or, you might incorporate a blowout cream that can address frizz, reduce blow-dry time, provide thermal and UV protection, and help your hair look smooth and flawless. 

Incorporate Hair Treatments

Whether you’re naturally blonde or just made the switch, it’s important to keep your locks hydrated and to use products that can help strengthen and repair. Try to find a solution made specifically for blondes that can extend color retention like your violet shampoo while also working against damage. You can also add a color-safe conditioning hair masque to restore elasticity and support hydration with hair-loving nutrients. 

Practice Color-Safe Styling 

Your styling efforts can be another chance to support your blonde hair in more ways than one. Depending on your hair type, you might take a different approach with products and tools to level up your strategy. 

Address Frizz and Flyaways

If you want to create a straight hairstyle or address frizz, you can opt for a smoothing system that can help you reveal hair that appears similar to an in-salon keratin treatment. Or, add a finishing cream that can add texture while targeting unwanted flyaways. 

Reveal Weightless Volume and Texture

If you want to give your blonde locks a lift, try adding a volumizing spray that offers weightless volume with a flexible hold. This approach is especially great for those with fine hair. Or, opt for a beach spray that uses natural sea salt to create an effortless, tousled look that can also help support your color. 

Define Your Curls

It’s about styling smarter, not harder, when it comes to blonde hair. If you’re someone who wants to support their curls, you’re going to need deeply hydrating formulas like a cream that can seal in moisture with plant source vitamins and oils. Apply onto damp hair after you’ve used your violet shampoo and hair detangler to give your curls a boost. Rice proteins are another key ingredient to seek out that can help your locks feel strong and protected as you reveal locks that look frizz-free and defined.

Pay Attention to All the Details

Once you’ve gone through all of the motions to care for your bottled or natural blonde locks, it’s vital not to overlook the importance of quality hair care tools. Practice care at every step, whether you’re brushing your hair or putting the finishing touches on your look.

Find Professional-Grade Tools

While your products should be gentle on your golden locks, so should your hair care tools. Upgrade your hairbrush to a round design that uses boar bristles to assist in preventing breakage and frizz. Other features like an aluminum barrel and sectioning pin can also minimize static and help you section your hair like a pro for easier styling. 

If you want to use hot tools, consider a tourmaline-infused curling iron to combat frizz and humidity with reliable heat. Don’t forget to protect your hair with your go-to oil, hair detangler, and other multipurpose products to minimize potential damage. 

Finish Your Hard Work

Don’t forget the finishing touches. After washing, protecting, and styling your blonde strands, it’s time to finish your hard work with a high-performance product that can keep everything in place. Consider adding a pliable hairspray that you can restyle throughout the day without stiffness or crunch for a natural, flexible hold. Or, try a lightweight dry spray that can act as an anti-humectant for all hair types and provide a defensive layer against hot tools and the sun. Whether it’s hot or cold, your blonde locks deserve consistent hydration and protection to help them look balanced and bright all year round. 

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