You’ve always wanted to have your very own clothing line and you are wondering how you can get started. The pandemic has left you with a lot of free time and you know that if you don’t create your line now you never will. 

You know that you will need to adhere to certain conventions in order to make sales, but you also want to distinguish yourself from the pack. There are a few things you can do that will draw the right kind of attention and audience to your product. 

Put a New Spin on a Classic Style

If you look online, you will see that many designers are changing fashion trends of the past slightly. For example, bell bottoms with ties at the waist are very popular right now. 

Aviator sunglasses were very popular after Tom Cruise wore them in, “Top Gun.” There is now a trend towards putting teardrop-shaped frames in the glasses as opposed to the traditional round frames.

You can take a conventional black woman’s suit jacket and make it look more feminine with a bit of embroidery or little applique.

Use Hang Tags 

Once your clothes make it to the rack of a store, you will find that hang tags are a cheap form of advertising. You can buy hang tags online and personalize them. The tags should large and bright colors. You can also have hang tags custom made. 

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If your style is retro, you can have a picture of an old movie star printed on your tags. If you sell western-themed clothes, you can have an image of the old west on your tags. When someone is looking through the racks, your tags will get their attention.

Offer Brand Mugs and T-Shirts

One of the most important things to any business is having a logo that stands out. Once you select a logo, you want people to see it. Why not introduce yourself to the public by putting your logo on a mug or t-shirt? Companies like can print shirts and mugs as people order them on demand. They will then ship your shirts out to the customer. You simply link your online store to their website and when somebody buys a t-shirt or mug, they will take the cost of printing and shipping out of your profits.

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Do I need a Degree?

Although a degree would certainly help,  you may not have the time or the money to get one. There are some successful designers who never took a class. Lauren Conrad  is a very successful designer and she only went to classes at the college of Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising when they were filming “The Hills.”

You can take online classes or even watch videos on YouTube for basic tips on fashion design.

If you do go to school, you will meet other designers there and make professional contacts as well. While gaining your degree, you learn about fashion trends and understand how product sells.

You will have the most success with your clothing line if you focus on a specific demographic. You will need a smaller variety of fabrics, sizes, and styles if you do this. Your line will be much easier to market if you focus on a certain group of people. if your clothing is designed for young fashionistas, you can post pictures on Instagram. If your line is for middle-aged women, you can post it to a women’s group on Facebook.

Your designs should be reflective of your own style. If there is one outfit that you get a lot of compliments on, don’t be afraid to share it with the world. You just might be the country’s next trendsetter.

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