Blogging is getting more and more common. If you aren’t blogging, then probably your sister or a friend is! In this time where every other person has started a blog, it is difficult to stand out amongst the crowd. 

Many bloggers/influencers have already developed their niche and are working towards it. While others are still confused about how to engage the audience while staying authentic. 

Recently businesses have also shifted their marketing strategies from conventional to digital. This allows bloggers to get an amazing opportunity to start a digital business and use their space and audience in paid promotions and collaborations. 

On the other hand, some bloggers get too focused in ranking and SEO statistics. Instead of producing quality content, they keep stuffing their blogs with keywords. Although SEO is a good strategy, only white SEO strategies should be adopted. The primary focus should be reader usability. 

You have to keep in mind that all your efforts should be organic. You should focus on providing quality content to your readers, and the ranking will follow. 

Moreover, starting a fashion blog just for paid promotions and paid work will not inspire authentic content. You would feel the audience repelled from your blog soon. You must create your identity as a person rather than a content creation robot. 

Maintaining a blog that is authentic and engaging can be a crucial task, and many successful bloggers consider it an even more hectic job than a 9-5 office job. You have to think of compelling subjects, photography, and layouts. 

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Are you feeling overwhelmed about how to stay authentic with your blogging? We have a few stellar ways through which you can stay more authentic with your blogging:

5 Ways to Make Your Fashion Blog More Authentic

1. Focus on your USP

A unique selling point, USP, must be your reason why you started your fashion blog. It is important that you have a purpose for your fashion blog and stick to it; you will attract masses organically. For example, if your blog’s purpose is to promote sustainable and affordable fashion options, then you must stick to it and promote relatable fashion trends. 

Your USP will make you authentic and stand out amongst all the other fashion bloggers. Whether your blog is about wedding fashion, teenage clothes, vintage stuff, or any other niche, you must stick to it to have a targeted audience. Your blog must resonate with the audience to have more engagement.

2. Be Careful With Advertising

It is really tiring to watch paid ads and collaborations all day on my feed. The biggest issue with blogs these days is they get too indulged in paid ads. If all your blog has is paid promotions and ads, you’re likely to lose your credibility in front of your audience. It is good to have sponsored content, but too much of everything is bad. 

You must carefully look into the advertisements that you’re allowing on your blog. Make your sponsored content look less of an ad and more of what personally resonates with your and your blog’s ideology. You must also declare the sponsored posts as #ads so it is clear to your audience about what you post. AKA if it is sponsored or not. 

3. Always Think About the Reader

Would you be interested in your own blog if you were a reader and not the author/curator? For your blog to be more authentic, you must keep in mind your audience’s perspective as well. Before putting something on the blog, it is better that you question yourself if it is interesting enough for the audience? What would the audience gain from this article? 

Before promoting some clothing items, think if it’s worth people’s money. You must not be hesitant to put down offers and collaborations that you aren’t fully comfortable in. you must take the responsibility that whatever you are promoting through your blog is authentic and resonates with your blog’s ideology. 

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Personal

Nothing is more attractive than originality. The reason why people enjoy blogs is that they are getting to know a human perspective and not a perfectly curated, flawless experience. Your selling point is, in fact, that you are a human, and you are going to make mistakes, make typos, learn and get better with time. 

So don’t be afraid of failure; accept your flaws and let your audience know about your experiences. If you start sharing personal experiences, you are likely to gain more readers/ followers. People like to see similar issues being discussed. 

Sharing experiences/ photos that are far from reality will not help you grow as much as sharing your real-life experiences would. The more you share about the real-life experiences, the better people would like to rely on you and build a connection with your blog.

5. Passion and Hard Work Will Shine Through

A lot of time and energy goes into content creation, and if you are genuinely working towards it, you will see the rewards. People appreciate the time that you put into creating content and are genuinely interested in following you. 

In fact, if you go missing for a while, you would get a lot of concerned messages from people who are eagerly waiting for your content. If your blog is about something that you really feel passionate about, then working hard for it won’t be a big issue for you.

You must truly promote the things that you find helpful for others, and you will see organic results without having to go for shortcuts or unwanted promotions. 

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These were some of the tips through which you can appear to be more authentic and attract organic traffic to your fashion blog. Remember, whatever you create is seen and read by real humans. The more resonating the content, the better would be the engagement. Once you build a niche and work with dedication, you will observe your blog’s growth. 

Author Bio: Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing, and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Apcelero.

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