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Design is becoming an increasingly important area for all creative people who want to work in fashion in the future. Knowing all design principles is critical for professional growth. There are many online design courses from scratch on different platforms that can help cultivate your design talent. Check them out below!

Innovation: The Fashion Industry

This course is part of a series on innovation. You can enroll in other courses in this series in the Going to University collection. The course demonstrates how Marks & Spencer innovated the fashion industry, creating new fabrics that have made our lives more comfortable and easier.

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Art Comes First: Exploring the Intersection of Style and Identity

Shaka Maidoh and Sam Lambert share the key elements that helped their brand succeed. You will find out how to develop your brand with the usage of visuals, sound, and garments. With the help of music, you will learn to tune a brand’s voice to resonate with critics, clients, and competitors. 

Power Dressing in the Zoom Era

In the Zoom era is it vital to learn how to maximize your visual impact. Despite only being seen waist up, you must achieve the perfect appearance. You will learn how to look as professional as possible, over a Zoom call. How to choose the best outfit for an interview, how to decorate a room, and how to convey information with authority and confidence!

A History of Royal Fashion

At the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, professors from the University of Glasgow and Historic Royal Palaces help you study the history of fashion with a variety of sources. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the Tower of London, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court Palace, and the Banquet House to study the styles of monarchs and the impact of their dress on society.

Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture

Discover two inseparable aspects of the fashion industry: trade and culture. For nearly 150 years, fashion has been a profound mechanism that has transformed nearly every part of Western culture. Take a course to discover the inextricable commercial and cultural aspects of fashion. This course provides a dual approach to fashion – as a cultural phenomenon and as a creative sphere. Whether you are a marketing student or a seasoned professional looking to expand your fashion knowledge, this will be valuable.

The reality is that market needs in different industries change every two-four years. No longer is it enough to graduate once at the university to stay in demand in a chosen field. Technologies are developing faster than a freshman can get a diploma. Plus, the acquired specialty quickly becomes obsolete. Universities are often unable to respond to changes in the world, but the short-term courses presented here will be helpful for those who need to improve their qualifications for a successful career.

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