So your friend’s big day is rapidly approaching and you still haven’t decided what to wear. She’s decided to go all out and make it a day to remember. Naturally, she’s booked a photographer and videographer to film everything. The chances are high that you will be filmed, if not photographed, at some point throughout the day. You want to be comfortable, yet also want to wear something that’s stylish & remains relatively crease free throughout the day – but what? Luckily for you, here’s some tips on what to wear at your friend’s wedding.

What time is the Wedding?

Believe it or not, this will affect what you decide to wear. For instance, darker colors are suitable for night or evening wear. Typically as either a long gown or cocktail dress, which should be no shorter than your knee. If you’re looking to stand out for all the right reasons, consider an outlet that specializes in wedding couture like the creations of designer wedding guest dresses by Jovani. A specialist wedding clothing site or outlet will cater for weddings at any time of the day. You will definitely find something that will not only suit you but be appropriate for your friend’s wedding! For men, if the wedding is occurring in the evening, they should be wearing a dark tuxedo with white shirt, bow tie, cummerbund and possibly suspenders.  

What Season is the Wedding?

This really does affect what you wear. You do not want to wear a heavy or unbreathable material if the weather is hot and you’re prone to sweating. Even if the weather isn’t hot or warm, if you’re prone to sweating, unbreathable material will not be an appropriate choice for obvious reasons. Winter weddings tend to lend to heavier fabrics, simply because of the time of year.

Layers can be ideal for weddings that occur in changing seasons or will last for most of the day. This is because you can take off or put on bolero jackets, shawls or shrugs as the temperature changes. Muted tones will also reflect the seasonal changes. However, in a summer or spring wedding, light colours and materials would reflect the season and help you keep cool. 

Although men tend to wear suits for weddings throughout the year, they can vary the colors of them, sometimes even the material, depending on the season. Their choices could also correspond with their partner if they so wished. The main thing here is that the happy couple are not upstaged by anyone’s attire. Consider any guidance they provide on their wedding invitation to you.

Selecting the perfect wedding guest dress is essential to ensure you look stylish and appropriate for your friend’s special day, reflecting both the occasion’s formality and your personal style

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Where is the Wedding?

More and more weddings being held in different places. Find out where your friend’s wedding is going to take place and if there are any venue changes. For instance, if your friend is religious and is having their wedding in a place of worship, you may want to wear something respectful of their faith.  On the other hand, if it’s a small backyard wedding, you might want to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly.  You can always ask them or do some research yourself. You may also want to opt for something more formal and less revealing. Check out Del Toro Shoes and choose from their great collection of men’s wedding shoes to complete that formal wedding look.

Alternatively, if your friend is having a beach wedding you may want to wear something that is considered beach formal. This is a contrast between wearing something more dressier than beachwear, but is also prepared for the sun, sea, and sand. Women can wear shorter dresses than they would perhaps otherwise wear at a wedding, but they still should not be too revealing. Men can forgo wearing suits for a beach wedding, and instead wear a linen shirt and pants. Footwear can also be considerably less formal; women can wear dressy sandals or shoes that can be easily taken off. Men can wear sandals or canvas slip on shoes.

What if there’s no dress code?

Sometimes the bride and groom will not specify a dress code or even state on their invitation that guests should wear casual attire. This can present a number of problems as you do not want to go underdressed, nor do you want to go overdressed. 

The simple solution here is to avoid the following clothing errors. If no dress code is stated on their invitation, wear something that is in between formal and casual. This could mean wearing a mid-length dress or suit, with the colors depending on the above factors as well as what the wedding party’s color theme is. 

If the invite states to wear casual attire, a nice casual dress or snazzy pants and top would suffice for a woman, for example. For a man, a nice shirt with casual trousers would be equally appropriate. Although, again, you may want to consider the above points.

The main thing is that you do not upstage the bride or groom. The goal is to look respectful, regardless of what you’re expected to wear. 

What not to Wear

Hopefully, we should have provided you with inspiration about what to wear. However, if you’re still undecided, make sure:

  • Whatever you wear should not upstage the bride. An outfit that is plain white is a massive no if they are wearing white or any other color they are wearing. In turn, do not wear a tuxedo or morning suit if the groom is wearing one because you don’t want to upstage him, either.
  • You remember where you’re going. A wedding tends to be an elegant affair, so no casual clothing, like denim or t-shirts with slogans, animal prints or anything that is so bright you need sunglasses just to look in your direction. For this reason, avoid wearing anything that is too tight, shows your underwear or too much skin. You don’t want to upstage the happy couple for these reasons, either.
  • In respect of footwear, remember you’re going to be in your shoes all day, so you want something that will not only be comfortable, but matches your outfit too. However, you don’t want to wear footwear that’s too casual so avoid flip flops and trainers. Contrastingly, avoid heels that make you tower above everyone else. 
  • If you’re wearing make-up, it isn’t bold or dramatic. Instead, opt for something with more natural hues that accentuate your best qualities.
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Most happy couples tend to state what their dress code is on their invitations. This is to avoid any unnecessary awkwardness and to help the day to go as smoothly as possible. With photos and footage being abound, you want to ensure that you look part of the celebrations. Therefore, even if the invitation states “casual” still consider wearing a jacket and tie or well fitted dress. It is always best to go overdressed than underdressed for a wedding because it shows your respect to the bride and groom, if nothing else.

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