Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette Bags – How to Spot Fake?

Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette bag is one of the instantly recognizable models that is distinguished with its chic, exquisite style, and practicality. The model is also widely popular among counterfeit brands, that is why there are thousands of replicas available on the market. Recognizing the authentic bag can get pretty complicated keeping in mind the accuracy some of the replica brands put in their production. Buying a counterfeit bag is problematic for several reasons, including product quality, material toxicity, money waste, etc. 

One of the biggest impacts of counterfeit items is the loss of sales. Not that long ago, customers could identify fake products better with their labels but today, the online world has made it almost impossible for an untrained eye to tell differences. According to the research, over 26 billion euros are lost every year from counterfeit fashion items alone.

A damaged reputation is another major issue. Nowadays, word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing, so when customers receive a poor-quality product of a certain brand, the word is spread like a wildfire. Apart from it, reviews online can make or break the brand, that is why poor copies of a product are damaging to the brand’s reputation. 

If you do not support unfair wages, unethical working conditions, and the use of harmful materials in the products that can put us and our loved ones in a damaged position, then you should avoid purchasing counterfeit produce at all costs.

To avoid these issues you can use authentic services on a trustworthy website such as LegitGrails: the expert team will legit check your item and do the bag authentication process with the fastest turn-around time. If you still want to legit check the Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette bag on your own, we advise you to check the authentication guide on LegitGrails and follow each step closely.

Now let’s review some of the most helpful methods that will help you in the process.

1. Inspect Interior Label 

Starting with the interior label is always a good idea. 

The very first sign you should look for while authenticating a Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette bag is the font difference: counterfeiters almost always fail to replicate the letters. If the symbols are bolder or more faded than the original text, then you should consider this as a red flag.

We recommend you compare the label to the pictures on the official Bottega Veneta website for the most accurate results. Even the slightest difference can give off the fake bag.

Another detail you should look for when legit checking the bag is the stitching – if the thread color is off, or the stitches are looser and less symmetrical, then the bag is most likely counterfeit.

2. Pay Attention to The Text on The Lock

As already mentioned, counterfeit brands almost always fail to replicate fonts successfully, that is why you should look for a mistake on the bag lock placed beneath the flap. 

If the letters are colored, smaller, or bigger than they are supposed to be and shaped even slightly differently, then the model is counterfeit. For some reason the replica factories put dark letters on the lock when the original text is the same color as the background, so look out for these details.

3. Look at the Text On The Side of The Triangle Buckle

Text on the side of the triangle buckle is done in the vintage-looking font that goes well with the bag’s design. The letters on the authentic buckle are slightly tilted on the left and are deeply engraved in the metal. If you see that letters on the hardware are darker, paler, shaped differently, tilted in the wrong direction, or just straight, then you should know that you are looking at the counterfeit Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette bag.

4. Check Not Only Bag But Box as Well

When it comes to branded items, you should know that designer houses take care of their packaging as much as they take care of the product itself. If the box is not solid, is falling apart, does not have a brand logo or name on it with the needed information, then the item in it is counterfeit. Some fake brands even fail to put their items in boxes and just put them in plastic wrapping. The moment you receive a package like this, do not even bother to open it, as you already know that the content is counterfeit.

5. Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette Bag Pattern Check

The pattern of the Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette bag flap has to be observed very closely. Nappa strips on the original flap are intertwined very gently whereas the fake flap might seem a little fell apart or even too tight. Remember: any difference that you might spot in the process is the sign you should keep in mind. 

Apart from these methods, fake Bottega Veneta, Padded Bag might have other flaws such as sloppy stitching, inaccurate hardware quality, and color, poor-quality leather, different measuring. The most important thing is to know how to tell fake and authentic models apart so we do not get caught in a trap of counterfeiters or reach out to those who can do it for us. LegitGrails has such an expert team that can get your authentication done in the shortest amount of time. We recommend you to use legit check services at all times you decide to purchase the branded item from another vendor.