Modern girls’ pursuit of fashion is about the same as their pursuit of beauty. The more fashionable you wear, the more beautiful it will look. So we often spend a lot of time on things like clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc., just to make our clothes look beautiful and unique.

However, many girls often overlook one detail, and that is the choice of shoulder bags. I often see beautifully dressed girls on the street. She matches her clothes, shoes, earrings, necklaces, and other fashion items very well, and some people even consider hats. But they ignored the choice of wholesale bags.

Maybe some girls would refute me, saying that I bought a bag after careful consideration! I’m not saying that girls didn’t choose bags seriously, but that they chose the wrong bags. For young girls to be the attention of others, the bags they choose are mostly fancy styles. These styles are good-looking, but they have no meaning.

shoulder bags trends 2021

Ladies’ bags are more representative than clothes and shoes. It may be a symbol of status, a symbol of work, or even a symbol of value and taste. If you choose a fashionable shoulder bag that is out of date, it may have a certain impact on you. This is more important than good-looking and eye-catching aspects. So, girls must not be taken lightly when choosing packages.

Below I have selected 12 fashionable and versatile girl shoulder bags for you in 2021. They contain a variety of types and styles. Check if there are any styles you like!

New Arrival Solid Mini Hand Bag For Women

Leather bag is a very common style among ladies’ shoulder bags, and it is also a very versatile style. This dull brown shoulder bag does not have a lot of fancy design, the overall design is mainly simple and clean. Girls use it to match white dresses or other white clothes that they wear in summer, it is easy to form color contrast, thus highlighting their characteristics.

Alligator Print Solid Chain Crossbody Bag With Handle

Hot summer is always reminiscent of bright red. That being the case, we go the other way, choosing a few fresh green bags, it will have a bright feeling. Of course, pure light-colored bags are easily overlooked. So when we choose a bag, we should also choose a crocodile pattern that can withstand scrutiny to achieve balance.

Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag Clutch Crossbody Bag with Chain Strap

If you know the skills that are rarely worn, then there is nothing wrong with giving priority to matching the same color when choosing clothes. The white prismatic leather shoulder bag is one of the favorite styles of ladies. It doesn’t have a lot of bright colors, and it doesn’t have any thoughts on design. The atmospheric shape and concise design can easily control many clothes. It is paired with a white long-sleeved top and a pair of khaki chiffon pants to give it a ladylike feel.

Candy Color Transparent PVC Jelly Chain Crossbody Bags

The transparent chain shoulder bag can be regarded as a fashionable new element very popular in recent years. Although it is color usage and styling design did not break out of the constraints of traditional frames, the translucent material alone has won consumers’ favor. Lipstick, foundation, keys, and mobile phones are hidden in the bag, which is the most unique fashion way to wear.

Transparent PVC Patchwork Pu Thin Strap Crossbody Bag

If you think the transparent fashionable bag exposes your privacy, you can also choose this fashionable ladies’ shoulder bag. The biggest difference between this bag in the picture and the one mentioned above is that there is also a blue bag of the same color in the bag, which is enough to hold small items such as keys, lipstick, and cosmetics. You can buy it with confidence!

Transparent PVC Patchwork Pu Thin Strap Crossbody Bag

Rhombic Pattern Tassel Round Shoulder Bags

No matter how the material and design of the bag are loved by girls, exquisiteness is still one aspect to be considered. When a girl meets with three or five friends to go shopping, the usefulness of a small and exquisite shoulder bag appears. The shoulder bag in the picture is only a little bigger than a fist, so it is very easy and convenient to use. We can match it with a white slim-fit suspender skirt, which is very suitable for smaller girls.

Rhombic Pattern Tassel Round Shoulder Bags

Solid Color Drawstring Skinny Belt Mini Buckle Bag

Although the level of sophistication of woven straw bales is higher than that of many bales, many people still mind the ingredients of straw. Compared with many plain fashion bags, woven fashion bags have more distinctive features. If we replace the straw component of the woven bag with a hard cloth and then incorporate the element of the money bag. Will you like it?

Solid Color Drawstring Skinny Belt Mini Buckle Bag

Creative Design Polka Dots Faux Pearls Handle Chain Shoulder Bag

Compared to styles with fancy colors, black and white polka dot shoulder bags are more acceptable. Black and white are the colors that can often be seen in the fashion circle, and many classic fashion bags are loved by people. 

Creative Design Polka Dots Faux Pearls Handle Chain Shoulder Bag

In the picture, this fashionable bag combines elements such as wave points, metal chains, pearls, and letter patterns. It not only gives people rich visual enjoyment, but also contains fashion, coldness, and personality. It is very suitable for young girls to choose.

Street Trendy Graffiti Print Women Shoulder Bag

Going to the street to take a set of fashionable photos after being well dressed is something that many girls like to do. But, have you chosen a shoulder bag for street photography? If not, I recommend you to consider this one. 

Street Trendy Graffiti Print Women Shoulder Bag

The street-style fashion shoulder bag in the picture is full of youth and personality. Its biggest highlight is the integration of graffiti elements that young people love. There are not only fashion elements, but also a distinctive personality.

Minimalist Large Black Chain Crossbody Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags do not necessarily have to be small and exquisite. For tall girls, we choose a shoulder bag with a larger capacity to be more coordinated. The following matte black shoulder bag focuses on styling. It protrudes from the stitched part of the fabric, making the bag look like two triangles pieced together. Besides, the bag adds silver chains and buttons, and the contrast between the two colors is obvious!

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