Here Are Some Awesome Gift Ideas

By the time a dad gets to be 40 years old, he has most likely been through a lot of different experiences with his kids and family. He has spent countless hours at baseball games, soccer matches, and inside watching TV. 

When a dad is turning forty, it’s important to show him that you appreciate how much work he is putting in. Dads are rarely the ones to ask for help, but it’s critical to make sure they know that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. This list of gift ideas has something for every kind of dad.

Customize Watch Boxes For Special Occasions

Have your dad’s wedding date inscribed inside the box, which will always remind him of his beautiful wife. You can also inscribe the names of his children on the side of the box. For the best 40th birthday gifts idea click here to get more than 30 of them. However, you can personalize the message with a customized watch box with “Happy Birthday Dad!” or even “Thanks for being an awesome dad! Love.

A personalized touch makes the gift much more meaningful and heartfelt. There is nothing understated if your dad wears watches. The Watch Box is a perfect gift. It’s like a mini-safe and can hold up to three watches. The box could be handmade with a vintage look, taking him back to simpler days. 

Money Clip Wallet

Is your dad always losing his wallet? Does he need some way to keep track of all of those pesk business cards? A money clip can be the perfect birthday present! Not only does it fit perfectly in any pocket, but it also adds color to an otherwise bland collection of items. A new wallet might just be the thing that saves him from buying yet another one next year.

If he doesn’t already have a money clip, then perhaps a wallet would be a good idea. This way he can get rid of the bulky wallet that has been weighing him down for years and use this new sleek money clip in its place.


Is your dad one of those guys who go to work smelling amazing? Does his cologne give off a pleasant aroma that follows him wherever he goes? Well, why not make his day by buying him some new cologne or aftershave? He will definitely appreciate it, and you may just start following him around when you want to smell something nice. 

You can even have it personalized with initials or a short message! Just remember not to put too much on because things can get out of hand quickly.

Tiny prints.

Dads like to go out and play, so why not get him tickets to a sports game? If your dad likes baseball, you can give him two tickets to see his favorite team with seats right near the field. For dads that like football, be sure to get the best seats possible for a memorable experience. 

With this gift, he’ll be able to sit back and relax, cheer with other fans and enjoy some great food with his family.

New Outfit

Does your dad not need much to look great? Does he buy his own clothes and know exactly what looks good on him? Well, if that’s the case, why don’t you get him a new suit or some smart attire to wear when going out with friends. 

It will definitely upgrade his style and give him a hint of sophistication. If he works in an office environment, this may be a good option. Because he might like to show off given to him by his child.

Gym Equipment

If your dad is constantly in and out of the gym, why not get him a new accessory for his fitness regime. Maybe something like a weightlifting belt or some personalized dumbbells would be great. You could also get him a nice pair of trainers, so he can maximize his workout when wearing them. 

Since turning 40 is the final step to becoming a senior citizen, it might be time for him to start taking extra care of his body. You can get him some supplements like glucosamine that help protect joints and keep them healthy.

Dad’s don’t want their special day to go by unnoticed. If your dad is someone who likes living on the edge, why not organize something extreme like skydiving or going down a zip line? Getting fit can be toned back a little to something more fun paintballing. This activity allows dads to bond with each other as well as gives them a chance to work up a sweat trying to shoot one another.

Personalized Suit Bag

Does your dad have a particular sense of style that is all his own? If so, you could consider a  personalized suit bag that allows him to design one-of-a-kind luggage for himself and his family. It’s perfect for those dads who really love their clothes and want a practical way to carry them around. 

For another option, you could always buy a new pair of shoes but if you go this route make sure it matches with something he already owns as it might be considered an extra present instead of part of his regular 40th birthday gifts

A Comfortable Robe

Every morning, after dad has had his shower, he can wear his new bathrobe! This is something that dad will definitely appreciate. When you purchase a quality robe, it is likely to last for years of use and he will be sure to love it.

Every dad needs a good robe that he can wear after a long day at work or just lounge around the house. You could use white or any color you know he loves.

Book on Fitness and Nutrition 

If your dad is like many men his age, he enjoys staying fit and working out. The problem? He might be getting bored with the same old workout routines and diets over and over. Fortunately, there are a number of books written about fitness for different types of dads who work out 

A pleasant gift is a way your will be reminded of how much you care every time he uses it. Your dad is sure to appreciate anything you get him because it’s in the thought that counts. So, whatever you choose, just remember to put a lot of care and love into your decision so he can open his present knowing how much effort you went to for him.