You’d think it would be easy to simply wake up and get dressed in the morning.  For some people, it is. For others, trying to match their clothes to their personality is a minefield. It can be more complicated than simply getting up, getting washed, clean, and getting dressed.

Your individual style and personal taste in clothes can say a lot about you.  And about a lot more than which pieces of clothing your hands happened to land on that morning. 

As you reach into your wardrobe to pull out the clothes you will put on that day, you are essentially reaching for a suit of armor to wrap around your body and your personality. 

Not only can our clothes embody our thoughts and emotions, but they can also reflect what we’re feeling to the world around us as a projection of our totally unique and individual personalities. So, how do you match what you’re wearing with what type of person you are? 

Pick a Budget

If you feel like the pieces currently hanging in your wardrobe don’t reflect your current personality, you may want to invest in a few new pieces that are more of a match for you. 

So, the first thing you need to go over when you’re thinking about switching up your style is what sort of budget you have to spend on clothes and to stay within a limit you set yourself. 

The good news is that thanks to charity shops, apps designed for selling second-hand clothing like Depop or Vinted, and websites like eBay, you can find new clothes to suit your style whatever your budget is, as long as you’re clever about how you buy. 

Another good tip is to buy more affordable alternatives to the big-name brands you love, such as swapping out a pair of real Louboutins for a similar red-soled shoe. If boots are more your style, you should check out Chic Pursuit.

Choose a Color Palette 

Your favorite color says a lot about your personality, and this “offers a means by which to understand behavior and character, as well as physical, emotional, and mental states. The color you choose also reflects how you operate in the world in terms of strengths and weaknesses, your vulnerabilities, and deepest needs” according to Luke Fitzpatrick

By choosing one thing, whether it be your favorite color, print, textile, or shape, and curate your wardrobe based on this. Building a collection of clothing that is filled with the things you love helps to ensure you will always be wearing something that shows off your personality.

This is also a great way to ensure that you have lots of pieces that you can mix and match to create new outfits which means you don’t have to buy as many individual items of clothing

Invest in Statement Pieces

Fast fashion is becoming more and more of an issue in the fashion industry and also in terms of the climate as the demand for clothing that represents people’s personalities increases and as people turn to high-street sellers to fill their wardrobes. This is often with clothes that are worn once and then discarded and always to the detriment of the planet.

A good general tip when you’re shopping for clothes that show off your personality is to find a few statement pieces.  Theybe a little bit more expensive than you would usually spend on a single item of clothing, but also that match your personality near perfectly. 

You can build an entire wardrobe around such statement pieces, just as you would if you were building a collection based on colors or prints, and that way everything else you buy will be further building upon your own personality and style. Plus, when you invest in a quality piece of clothing, it is more likely to last longer, even with frequent use. 

How To Make Your Favorite Clothes Last Longer

Take Inspiration Without Imitating

There’s nothing worse than someone who simply copies other people’s clothes or styles. Taking inspiration is fine – it’s how fashion continues to evolve and how some of the greatest designers throughout history have been able to come up with a signature style or collection – but imitating someone else’s style is no way to find clothes that match your personality. 

You can source some excellent inspiration from fashion magazines or from following a favorite celebrity or designer. If you spot an outfit or a look that you love, think about how you could recreate it with what you already own or how to incorporate it into your own style. 

This is different from simply heading over to the “tagged brands” comments on an Instagram post.  Its not like scouring a specific website for the exact same items as you have seen someone else wearing.  Don’t styling them the same way when you wear them, either! 

Dress in What Makes You Feel Good

I’ve seen many articles discussing “how to dress for your body shape” and “what to wear if you’re a pear” – firstly, your body is shaped like a body, not a fruit. Secondly, there are absolutely NO rules about what clothes should be worn by which bodies. So let’s start there. 

Rather than focusing on trying to find clothes that make you look good, search for a selection of clothes that makes you feel good about yourself. Only you will know what you feel comfortable in and therefore anything you wear will reflect you and your personality if you keep this basic principle in mind. 

Think about it – if you feel uncomfortable, you’re probably going to look quite awkward. Whether you’re wobbling in your skyscraper heels or you’re self-consciously trying to hide a belly roll hanging over the top of your jeans, it’ll be obvious to the people around you. 

When you’re wearing something comfortable, however, you can noticeably tell the difference. Your head will naturally be held higher and you’ll be able to focus on having a good time and showing off your true personality.  Rather than obsessing over an uncomfortable outfit that they didn’t love in the first place. 

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously 

Last but not least, fashion can be a passion and some people do take it quite seriously. If you’re simply trying to match your clothes to your personality you should remember to have fun with it! 

Try on things you never thought you’d wear! Pick out a bold pattern or colorful clothing that you would have previously shied away from! As you get older, it will be easier to forge your own path when it comes to your clothes and personality.  No style stays stagnant for long. 

Don’t be afraid to wear what you want, either. You can do or wear anything provided that you do it with confidence, as that way, nobody can question you. If it matches your personality and you love it, then wear it, haters be damned!

There are plenty of ways you can learn to express yourself through your clothing. All it takes is a little bit of time, thought, and sometimes some spare cash to transform your wardrobe.  Elevate into a safe haven of clothes that suit your style and personality perfectly. 

No matter where you are in life or what stage you are at, you will always be able to match your clothes to your personality. As long as you know yourself well and check in with yourself about what makes you feel good and comfortable. Especially when you’re wearing it.