Air Jordans are some of the most iconic sneakers and a must-have item for basketball fans and style aficionados alike. First released in 1985, there are now 26 different signature designs.

So what are the best Air Jordans that have been released in the last 35 years? And for sneaker collectors, what are the pairs you absolutely must get your hands on? Keep reading as we delve into the Michael Jordan x Nike love affair.

Nike Air Jordan 6

Any list of the greatest Air Jordan sneakers has to include the Nike Air Jordan 6. These are some of the best-selling Air Jordan shoes, and for good reason.

Available in a wide range of designs and colors, this model was re-released in 2020 after first appearing in 2006. Some of our favorite colorways are black and metallic gold, citron tint, and medium olive by Travis Scott.

Kanye West has famously sported a pair of Nike Air Jordan 6s, and they’re a versatile style that goes with almost any outfit.

Air Jordan 1 Retro Chicago

Another Air Jordan shoe that all sneakers fans need to get their hands on is the Air Jordan 1 Retro Chicago. Most recently released in 2015, these are a collector’s dream.

The iconic colorway is a red/white combination, but you’ll also have to consider the debate over mid vs low. The popularity of these shoes has only increased since The Last Dance became a hit on Netflix.

Air Jordan 3 Black Cement

Next, the Air Jordan 3 Black Cement sneakers are some of the finest looking from the entire range of sneakers. The version released in 2018 is the first to sport the original Nike Air logo since 2001, and the elephant-print design makes these a favorite of fashion lovers.

One of the best-ever Air Jordan colorways has to be Black Cement, which has become a classic in its own right.

Air Jordan 11 Concord

In any list of the best Air Jordans ranked you’ll find the Air Jordan 11 Concord. The patent leather material used sets this model apart from the rest of the range, and it’s undoubtedly one of the boldest styles in the collection.

The 11 is the shoe that Michael Jordan wore during the incredible 1995-96 season, so these were sure to go down in history.

Air Jordan 5 Fire Red

Finally, our list of the finest Air Jordans wouldn’t be complete without the Air Jordan 5 in Fire Red. The latest release came as recently as 2020 and features some of the best leather on the shoe’s upper.

The Jordan 5s were famously worn by Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, while the fire red colorway brings a subtle yet powerful edge to these sneakers, making them an instant favorite with Jordan’s fans.

Those Are the Very Best Air Jordans 

You now know the best Air Jordans released throughout the illustrious history of this iconic shoe, and which models you absolutely must own. Shirts with matching graphics can be worn with your Jordans or Yeezys to show off your footwear. The perfect match can be found on sites such as Which of these are you missing from your shoe rack?

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